Hello all

The words “As the World Turns” pops into my head dear friends, as I sit down to write after a  long day filled with activity. I’m sure it comes from a TV serial but I understand for the first time what this actually means.

Life is full of ups and downs and roundabouts and – to some extent – we have to accept what the world hands us whether it be good things or bad things. I sometimes wonder about my own life: what made me decide to enter a convent, stay there for two years, then leave? It’s the LEAVING part which speaks to me.

In the middle of making cake pops with my girls.

In the middle of making cake pops with my girls.

If I had not left, I wouldn’t have the four grandchildren I have who give me such joy! So the World Turned and I made a decision to leave the place where I would never have children and enter a life where I could have children. Interesting eh?

You see, I’ve just spent two days with two of my grandchildren – Alice(12)  and Violet (7) – and we’ve had a grand time together. Not that it was easy! Who said having young children staying with you is easy? Especially when you’re no longer in your prime. In fact, you survive on a wing and a prayer and then sigh with relief when it’s all over … but oh my goodness you do have FUN!!

I look back on all the things we’ve done in two days and I cannot believe I have actually done them.Tuesday: made a marble cake for hand rolled cake pops; made cake directly in the cake pop cases I gave Alice for Christmas; cleaned up; took the girls out to  lunch to escape the heat then went to see the movie Frozen … such a great ‘must see’ movie … I cried twice! Shopping afterwards for clothes and cake pop decorating items.

Wednesday: off to the gym at 8 am for 45 mins, back home to decorate the cake pops which took 2+ hours; decorating 20 cake pops from moulds, 20 cake pops hand rolled into balls from a cake.  Plenty of cleaning up involved afterwards! The day ended when the girls were picked up at 3pm. Now I’m just come home from our 9 Week Challenge information night at the gym … of course with the added bonus of cuppa with Pat (my gym buddy) afterwards at her house.

Phew … all done and dusted now. I’m worn out writing about it! But, I have to say I had a ball. I’m surprised I didn’t fall asleep at Pat’s place but bed is looking pretty inviting to me as I write.

Our famous cake pops

Our famous cake pops

Now, before I go I must ask: what about the people who have no grandchildren in their older age? The ‘world has not always turned’ that way for everyone. Some people do not have children/grandchildren for various reasons. 

Perhaps they were unable to have children or they lost babies during pregnancy as a friend of mine did. She lost over 20 babies before they diagnosed her with a copper surplus; it poisoned her unborn children from when she was 12 weeks to six months pregnant. She ended up with no children but her and her husband spend their time helping refugees to this country. It is her passion in life.

As I told Elizabeth “you wouldn’t be able to do this if you had lots of children and grandchildren!”  She too was  a nun for seven years in Yugoslavia before she was forced to leave because of ill-health, the same health issue that was not discovered until many years too late. I think they saw her as a malingerer.

Or perhaps others have no grandchildren because their children did not marry, or if they did, they decided not to have children … like another friend of mine who will never have any grandchildren now that her children are past child-bearing age.

I don’t believe it is about having children though, it’s about finding a purpose for your life.  If you are single without children, you can find something you believe in enough to nurture. Maybe you will become a volunteer like another friend I know who has never married. The secret is to become engrossed in nurturing life somewhere else if you have no children/grandchildren of your own. Often nieces and nephews become important also.

as the world turnsTherefore, as I close this post tonight, I want to spare a thought for all those people ‘out there’ who lead very productive and happy lives who have no grandchildren. But, I must say there are others (and I mostly know this through my good friend Mrs. Google) who are very sad that their children did NOT give them grandchildren, whether by plan or by design. Others are just happy to be free when they see some of their friends coerced into minding grandchildren without getting any thanks for doing so.

I do not feel coerced but I do know how to say that magic word ‘NO’.  So as I am about to finish this post and head to bed, I feel grateful that The World Turned for me personally by giving me grandchildren to enjoy. We have to trust that God knows what he is doing with us but sometimes it doesn’t stop us from questioning ‘why’ at times.

I am sure he has a plan for those people who wished to have grandchildren and did not … and they simply need to find out what that plan is. I suppose that some need to grieve for what they wanted and did not receive. All of need to make sense of our world dear friends, don’t we? It’s about finding peace and being happy where God has planted us.

As the World Turns is really what it’s all about isn’t it?