Hello dear friends,

It was a rather interesting day yesterday. There was lots of things going on like finding Foxy Ladies at the gym and running into a Boot Camp instructor done up as a commando with war paint on his face … but more on that later.

Also, I have found that getting up earlier to go to the gym at 8 am on Monday and Wednesday has changed things a little in my life. I know it’s only early days yet, but I cI could never quite ‘get it’ before.

We think that pain is a bad thing right? Right. No … WRONG! Only certain types of pain are bad for us.

Pain that we shouldn’t be having for instance. In fact, PAIN is a wonderful thing because physical pain indicates that something is wrong and alerts us to do something about it. It cries out to us: ‘Seek help!’ and invariably we do just that. We go to the doctor … we go to the dentist or we take painkillers or whatever is necessary for us to feel better.

Sometimes, the pain is emotional. Whilst we know how to deal with the pain of a headache, emotional pain is something else again! How in the name of goodness do we navigate our way through a minefield of emotional pain when it comes?

Dear friends, this is a huge topic and one I want to deal with in more detail in the coming weeks, but for now, I want to look at another kind of pain: the pain of doing something difficult that we need to do – like a goal – in order to take us to a better place in our lives.The Pain vs. Pleasure principle.  Pain now in order to have pleasure later.

Okay folks, you know what I mean here don’t you? And I’m not just thinking of exercising but that is certainly what got me thinking about pain in the first place.

I love these resolutions!

I love these resolutions … the ones on the end read: Monday. nap; jump on flies; eat grass; watch birds; get scratched. No pain here!

I’m talking about any goal that requires discipline. Anything we need to do … out of the ordinary … that requires us to change our behaviour and do things differently. I do believe that there is, as the bible says, ‘a time for everything under the sun’. Sometimes, if the right time is NOW it requires a decision on our part to take on a new challenge to accomplish it. And let’s face it, this challenge will most likely involve … PAIN.

Think about some things you may want to change in your life. For me it was getting fit and losing weight … something that has alluded me for years now. What might it be for YOU? Perhaps you want to meet new people and socialise more?

Perhaps you might want to start your own business … or do some study to qualify for something different … or find a husband/wife … or learn a new language. All these things involve the pain of changing our behaviour or being challenged to do things differently. It is scary folks! Ask me, I know all about it.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “But I don’t like pain! I want things to be easy.” Oh dear, I’ve said this so many times myself that looking back it is quite embarrassing! But just say if the pain NOW brings pleasure LATER?

However, somewhere along the line, something must have changed within me, because at the beginning of this year when I was looking at my New Year Resolutions, I was EXCITED about the thought of my new challenges and I even felt good about the pain that would be involved in carrying them out because of the good feeling I would have at the end of my goals. That doesn’t mean I will be sailing through dear friends. Oh no! It simply means I will know, when the challenge gets hard, that this is part of the journey to the new thing.

My 85-year-old wise friend Shirley, said something to us girls at the Shakespeare Group that has stayed with me. It was about doing the hard thing, rather than the easy thing and only when we do this, do we feel good within ourselves. Why? Because we know it is the RIGHT thing for us to do. This is when we start to feel contented … when we are exercising discipline to keep ourselves on track to achieve the goal which is right for us … indeed what may be life changing for us.

Oh dear, I really didn’t mean to write a post today on PAIN and DISCIPLINE!

I wanted to write about being fascinated with the food of India after watching a TV special with Rick Stein (the English Chef) in India. My mouth was salivating as he watched an Indian woman cook up an authentic Indian chicken curry with incredible spices. I wanted to cook it immediately!

I also wanted to write about the Foxy Ladies Group that does exercises at the gym every day. I want to be one of those FOXY LADIES just so I can say “Hey, I’m a Foxy Lady!” If Kath and Kim can be Foxy Ladies so can I. But no, God and the universe has conspired that I write about pain … drat!

So dear friends, let this post today be a little reminder on how good one can feel when one experiences pain to obtain pleasure later. Don’t be put off by the PAIN vs PLEASURE Principle.  In fact, I came across a website called “The Pain and Pleasure Principle” which says:

It’s human nature to gravitate towards pleasure and to seek to avoid pain. In other words, you will make most of your decisions based on acquiring pleasure while at the same time trying to avoiding pain. This works well at times, however at other times it will actually work against the goals and objectives you are trying to achieve. (More on this subject:blog.iqmatrix.com/pain-pleasure-principle)

I will leave you to mull on these things this dear friends, but just be aware that when pain comes to us as we pursue a goal, that we need somehow to keep our eyes on the pleasure we will obtain from it down the track.  And don’t forget to check out those Foxy Ladies – like me – at the gym for a bit of fun!

If you want to know more there is lots of information online eg more info on the Pain v. Pleasure Principle:  www.examiner.com/article/self-motivation-using-the-pain-vs-pleasure-principle

For more information on physical/emotional pain:



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