Daily Prompt: Style Icon

Describe your personal style, however you’d like to interpret that — your clothing style, your communication style, your hair style, your eating style, anything. Photographers, artists, poets: show us STYLE.

Hello dear friends

I was quite taken yesterday with the above Prompt from WordPress. It spoke to me because I grew up with a mother who was a dressmaker and an older sister who was a fashion designer which meant that style was very important in our household. You had to always look ‘good’ and put on lipstick when you ventured out even to the local shops. In fact, my mother put on lipstick, fixed her hair and changed into a decent dress when Dad was due to come home at night!

main_imageStyle? Sure … I was taught it at a very young age. Mum would whip us up new dresses for any occasion and one could not go to Midnight Mass at Christmas without a new dress. That’s the way it was in my house. And it didn’t stop at clothing either. There were manners to be taught, Lebanese food to be prepared in a certain way with piano and elocution lessons to be had as well. All this in order to turn us into Women of Style!

My Dad, who never went past grade five growing up in the slums of London, was self-employed and he often worked late into the night to earn extra money to provide us with a good education and everything that went with it. Something he never had so he thought his girls should have it.

But what style do I have now? I’m not so sure anymore but I do still like to look decent when I pop out to the shops. Some habits die hard folks. So today, I’ve had some fun composing this little verse about what constitutes my style … and I wonder if perhaps a lot of it doesn’t come from deep within? I also wonder if the person in those makeover shows will revert back to their ‘Plain Jane’ selves once the whole thing is over if they haven’t been changed from within? Enjoy my verse …


What IS my style I ask myself as I go about my day?

Funny … but one doesn’t really know how others perceive you?

My clothing style has changed over time but one constant remains

Coordinating my outfit is highly important to me

But one thing has changed: I am no longer that lithe young girl

Willowy and thin, looking more like a stick insect than a well rounded woman

Now I wish I were that ‘stick insect’ again instead of the well-rounded woman!

However, I cannot go back … I can only go forward.

And my communication style has changed too over the years

Once so shy, is it possible that this was so?

Now so talkative with plenty to say, usually speaking my mind

But then again, much more compassionate than once was so

Able to listen … as well as to speak

Wanting to encourage rather than condemn

Less judgmental as the years go on

And what about ‘hairstyle’ – has that too changed through the years?

In the seventies my curls did not conform to fashion

When straight long hair was all the rage

How I longed for different hair: to be hip and modern

Now, just grateful that my thick short hairdo with its curl

Is not falling out and is the envy of all my friends

Why did I care so much I wonder?

Is it my up-bringing which has never quite left me?

Now, I have a hairdresser who looks after me

And dyes my hair and eyebrows

Making me feel wonderful after each visit

Strange really, that I no longer worry about style anymore

Or is it because I know who I am and what I like?

‘Tis true however, that I take pains with my appearance

That I blow-dry my hair and straighten my fringe

That I try to stay as modern as my age will allow

Even if the sizes are larger than I would care to admit!

And ’tis true, that I spent my career as a communicator

In a difficult industry where I learned to hone my skills

Tis also true: I believe a person’s face reflects

The things lying deep within

Constituting ‘style’ for every woman

Look at faces dear friends, and judge the style within

For it is here – deep within the soul

That you will find the most important STYLE of all

It reflects on faces and body language for all the world to see

Confidence … self-assurance … a compassionate heart

All tell their tale upon the face

Find THAT style within and you will have found

Your STYLE ICON which is truly unique.

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