Hello dear friends

What an interesting country we live in here in Australia! At 4pm Monday, the sky suddenly became black as night as an incredible thunder-storm menaced us with its presence. And it was hot … hot … hot. Welcome to summer in the sub-tropics!

Next minute, we rushed around closing up everything as we prepared ourselves for what looked to be a terrible storm filled with hail. The wind blew and trees swayed in our yard and we could hear the ping of hail hitting our tin roof … the electricity went on and off several times; I got out a few candles and lit them ready for what we thought was to come.

Thanks to my neighbour who took the photo.

Thanks to my neighbour who took the photo.

However, just when we were bunkering down for the long-haul, the storm blew itself out after approx fifteen minutes hardly affecting us at all. It WAS rather an anti-climax I have to say. After it was over, the sky lightened, and yet … it took on the most incredible glow as a pink tinge filled the heavens. I have never seen anything like it! This was followed by one of the loveliest sunsets I have ever seen from our house.

What a spectacular end to a spectacular weather event!

So Tuesday dawned bright and sparkling as if that sudden downpour of rain had cleared away the cobwebs of the day … and it was cooler too. I took advantage of the cool change to begin the long arduous task of dismantling my Christmas tree and packing away all my beautiful decorations for another year. We tidied up the family room and gave ourselves a treat by changing around the furniture at the same time. It looks great.

Oh dear, this means the Christmas Season is officially over doesn’t it? The reality of this hit me with full force and I realised that those three resolutions I made on the 1st January were now staring me in the face wanting to be addressed. But one of them in particular was worrying me. (see tessross.wordpress.com/the-eighth-day-of-christmas-new-year-resolutions)

Would I really be able to get fit and lose 10 kilo this year? I felt so scared that I just wanted to sit down right there and then and eat one of the fruit mince tarts that were in the cupboard! However, I resisted and I am writing this post about my fears instead. Good idea methinks.

You see, I recognised FEAR and once I had recognised that feeling I knew the first step had been taken. The second step came later.

As my son is a gym owner, he gave me some advice on Sunday about getting fit and losing weight and we discussed my taking part in his gym’s 9-Week Fitness Challenge coming up. After I had made the commitment to do it, I realised the enormity of what I was doing. I had made a commitment that I wasn’t sure I wanted to make! Could I get out of it? Was I ridiculous to think that a women in her late sixties could do all the things that were necessary to do the Challenge … starting on 8th February??

The second step of the process was happening. I had actually said YES to the Challenge and also to my daughter-in-law’s mother Pat who had said she would do it with me. “Let’s start at the gym next Monday at 8.30 am before the real Challenge begins” we agreed over the phone. www.gohealthclubs.com.au/9-week-challenge.php

988380_576185205794797_197875879_nIt isn’t that I don’t want to do The 9-Week Challenge (and I’ve always been one to LOVE a challenge) but thoughts of it being too much, or of being overwhelmed and getting ill are beginning to dog my footsteps since yesterday. “What do I think I am doing?” I asked myself as I mentally hit myself across the face with a wet dishcloth to stop myself worrying.

The third stage of my ‘coming to grips with my resolution’ process was beginning to come to fruition. This stage is the ‘walking it out’ stage. Taking one step at a time. The first step has been taken. Pat and I are starting at the gym on Monday 13th January at 8.30 am. It’s all set ready to go. One step. It’s done.

And this is when I remembered a story I had heard on the radio some months ago when I was far from ready to do anything about getting fit. A woman of about 75 years was telling her story about how she got fit and strong almost ten years beforehand. This is the gist of the story:

“The lady arrived early outside a Club which housed Poker Machines and she saw a bus load of frail looking old age pensioners get out and go into the Club to gamble for the morning. But next to the club stood a gym and she noticed it also. She was about to go into the Club  and join the pensioners when she said to herself: “I can either go into the club and get weaker and weaker as I age … or I can go into that gym and see if they can help me get fit … I don’t want to be bent over and frail like these pensioners appear to be.”

Well, after some deliberation, the lady chose to go into the gym and she learned to love pumping iron and taking part in all the gym’s activities. This led her to enter body shaping competitions for older people and win trophies. Now, ten years later, she is still entering competitions and still loving to pump iron. This women said she is stronger and more alert now than when she was 65.  She thought that the decision she made that day was the best decision she had ever made.

Now dear friends, remembering this makes me start thinking about my own fear. I am at a crossroad: I can choose to stay where I am (unfit) or I can choose to give it a go and at least try to get stronger and fitter. When you think of it, what choice is there? There are NO choices if I want to remain active and fit into my old age. ‘Nough said …