Hello all

Today – the Eleventh Day of Christmas – has been 41-42 degrees Celsius here in Brisbane. Now, that’s approx 101 degrees Fahrenheit for those of you who still live in the old world. Oh, am I implying that WE are in the new world by saying that? Well yes, possibly I am … for we have embraced the new (old to Europe) way of measuring things like vegetables and the heat.

hot weatherSome of us can understand both sides of the coin because we grew up with Fahrenheit and Pounds, Shillings and Pence then saw the charge to Celsius as well as Dollars and Cents. I still cannot tell the weight of babies in kilos though! I only understand new-born babies weights in pounds and ounces. No matter how hard I try, I fail to get the gist of it at all. Oh well, I suppose one can’t be good at everything.

Speaking of new-born babies, I do wonder how mothers are coping with them in this terrible heat if, like me, they don’t have air-conditioning. When my daughter arrived late this morning, we took off for an early lunch with the children to the nearest Shopping Centre in order to survive the heat and be in the air-conditioning.

Today is one of the hottest days on record apparently and we have been doing everything to keep ourselves cool.

Things have not been helped today by the fact that our granddaughter Violet (7) stayed with us last night and all of us: Geoff, Violet and me have hardly had any sleep to speak of.

It began when Violet was too scared to sleep alone in the room next to us, so she bunkered down on a mattress beside our bed. I even gave her a little torch to use under the covers to help her when she was frightened.

Secondly, it was so hot that we kept waking up. Also, Violet (on the floor) was not getting any of the fan that was perched on our chest of drawers. At 12.30am Geoff found another fan to put on the floor especially for Violet. Back to sleep again.

But, every now and then, Violet kept asking me to put out my hand so she could hold it … she was still scared. It seems that being next to me wasn’t enough, she wanted to be in the bed BESIDE me! Well, this wasn’t going to happen because it was too hot for three people in a Queen sized bed. She accepted this but she needed to hold my hand to reassure her that I was there.

An hour or two later, Violet began to cry: she was seeing crocodiles every time she closed her eyes! “Crocodiles are coming to get me Grandma!” she called. Perhaps the door needed closing a little, I suggested. I made sure the door was closed enough that no crocodiles could get in and eat her alive! By this time, she had the torch lit up keeping them away anyhow.

So we continued like this on and off until 4.30 am when I told her it was almost daylight and she really should go to sleep.

We could have done with some of these today ...

We could have done with some of these today …

Eventually, sleep overtook her and when I got up at 7am she was sleeping soundly … and she continued to sleep until 9.30 am. Poor thing, it had been a horror night for her. But it had been an equally horror night for ME too … only I had to keep going with shopping and cooking. How do we do it folks? Why couldn’t I sit down all morning and watch the movie Santa Paws as she did? Being an adult is not all it’s cracked up to me sometimes dear friends!

Later, while we were at the shopping centre she told me that my nails were too long and that I should cut them. Violet is always ready for some fun and games and I was more than ready myself for some fun – or perhaps it was the heat and madness? – so I replied mischievously:

Violet, do you know why I keep my nails long? I keep them long so I can dig them into little girls who sleep beside me at night. Then I like to draw blood because I am really a vampire … and  then I can suck your blood you see. Oh, how I love sucking blood!”

Violet looked at me with a big grin on her face; she knew that Grandma was being as silly as silly could be, so she laughed out loud, put her hand on her hips and said “Don’t be silly Grandma!”  And with that, she took my hand and we waltzed merrily together on our way.

Oh, dear friends, it is amazing what the heat can cause you to do at times like this … but a bit of fun and levity at the right moment, never goes astray. In the midst of such heat, madness is never far away …