Hello dear friends …

On this the Ninth Day of Christmas I have been out socialising with a dear friend at a cafe and talking ten to the dozen as we caught up with Christmas news and other things. Oh, it was lovely!

Therefore I came home late – fully intending to write on my blog – but as the day is getting on, I am running out of time to post.

Then, an email comes in from a food blog I follow with the best recipe for cabbage rolls on it. But, what is even better, is the story of how the blogger came to be making Czechoslovakian Cabbage Rolls in the first place. It comes from her heritage!

As I make Lebanese cabbage rolls for my family I thought you might enjoy this Czechoslovakian version. The blogger also tells you how to make other versions. It is a great post. Enjoy!

Love Tess

Stir It Up!

I’m going to share a very special recipe with you on this fine, freezing, winter evening. My Great-Grandmother Mary taught my Mom how to make these Slavic style cabbage rolls and she, in turn, taught me.


I asked my Grandma about the history behind this recipe. She thought the recipe would have been passed down from my great-great-grandmother, Dorothy, who lived in Kostaleny, Czechoslovakia in the 1800’s. This is a picture of her (second from left) and my great-grandmother, Mary (standing in front of her mother), with her in-laws in their traditional Czech costumes.

Dorothy and inlaws

They were farm folk living in a small village and probably had to grow most of their food. With cabbage and onions from the garden and rice to stretch the meat, this was a pretty economical meal way back then, just as it is today.

Dorothy, along with her daughter, immigrated to America through Ellis Island…

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