Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

This week, WordPress asked us to set ourselves up for a happy new year and share a photo that shows us JOY.

“Whether or not you celebrate a winter holiday, the years’ end is a perfect time to look back at the year-that-was and happily forward to the year-that-will-be. A time of renewal, celebration, and joy.”

Hello all

On the Seventh Day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Seven Swans a Swimming

Today as I celebrate the Seventh Day of Christmas, I am reminded that it is New Year’s Eve and that tomorrow another new year will begin … but more of New Year’s Day then. Let’s look at New Year’s Eve first.

Our day today began well with a visit from my brother and his wife who live a five-hour drive up the north coast. It was lovely to get out the last of my Christmas shortbread with the cherries on top and some Christmas cake and chat over a pot of tea.

This teapot is guaranteed to give you JOY!

This teapot is guaranteed to give you JOY!

The very same teapot that I got for Christmas … covered in spots with a lovely stainless steel filter to put the tea leaves in so that no strainer is required. I loved this gift and was so happy to put it to good use.

Mind you, I washed it out after receiving it on Christmas Day and used it for afternoon tea immediately. I didn’t see any reason for waiting to put it to good use … do you? So, I already had a trial run on how much tea it needed.

It was such a time of joy being together this morning, that it reminded me of the Weekly Photo Challenge from WordPress for this week: all about JOY. Why not use the occasion to present my photos of JOY that I found on my computer from Easter 2013?

Christmas, New Year and Easter are all times of celebration and usually accompanied by much joy so why not show photos from Easter joy?  The truth be known: I had no JOY photos from Christmas just passed, not because the day lacked joy, but rather because I was so busy with Christmas dinner that few impromptu photos got taken. What a shame!

So dear friends, I want to remember the JOY we had at Easter instead … when the very same people who shared Christmas Day with us  … were present on Christmas Day. Very special people that we love dearly. My family and Belinda’s  family (Belinda is my daughter-in-law).

Pat is Belinda’s mother and her enthusiasm and our shared grandchildren, always make it a joy to have her around. Plus we had Pat’s other daughter Melissa here on both occasions … with her husband and child also … such a special family.

On Easter Sunday, Pat led the charge with the children for the Great Big Easter Egg Hunt in our back yard. The photos I have shared here, were taken on that day. It was such a joyful experience with the children searching high and low for eggs; such a precious time. (slideshow below)

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Tonight we are off to the local Bowls Club, again with Pat and husband David, to celebrate the New Year. Strangely enough, the younger members of the family: my daughter Maria with Steve and family along with my son Dan,Bel and children, are celebrating together at ANOTHER Bowls Club closer to the city. Sheer co-incidence!

Dear friends, I want to be joyful on this New Year’s Eve! Why? Because tomorrow I will celebrate 12 months since I was present with my eldest sister as she passed away from cancer. I am shutting it away in a compartment until then.

Yes, tomorrow is another day … but for today let us look back at the year and feel joy and gratitude for all that has gone before – the good AND the bad. For isn’t life made up of both: lighter shades and darker shades?

Time enough to feel sad – when the day dawns tomorrow – on another New Year …

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