Weekly Photo Challenge: One

This week WordPress says:

“Every good photograph needs a focal point. It’s the thing that draws the viewer’s eye and tells the story.

This week, we want to see photos that focus on one thing. Maybe you’ve got a stark photo of a single tree silhouetted against the setting sun, or a lone sandpiper wandering the beach as waves crash.

Perhaps you’ve caught your mother sitting by herself in a moment of quiet contemplation.”

Hello dear friends

It is now Boxing Day … Christmas Day came and went in a flurry of high activity. Hectic, full of people … and children … and food … and presents! What a lovely day we had at our house.  I had hoped to get some ‘ONE’ photos then but I was too busy being the Hostess to even give it a thought.

Therefore, you will have to put up with the photos which I took last Christmas holidays (2012) when my daughter and her children joined Geoff and me for a day out at an island off our bay called “Coochiemudlo”.  Yes, a very interesting name but I suspect it is an aboriginal word. Us locals refer to the island simply as “Coochie”

It is a lovely little spot and on this particular summer’s day I captured three photos of the children when they were unaware that I was actually photographing them. Therefore, the photos depicting ‘ONE’ are precious, because they are not posing for me. The fourth photo was of a man who was sitting across from us as we waited for the ferry.

Sorry young man … I have no permission to publish this but you were so lost in thought as you waited that I couldn’t resist and hope you will forgive me!

Therefore today, at a time when I have been absolutely surrounded by more people than I can count over Christmas, I present to you photos at the opposite end of the scale – those that depict others deep in thought … under the banner of:  ONE


This young man going fishing was deep in thought … dreaming of the fish he is about to catch perhaps? Taken while waiting for the ferry to Coochiemudlo Island.

My granddaughter Violet mesmerised as she eats a chocolate bar.

My granddaughter Violet mesmerised as she eats a chocolate biscuit. What better after a swim in the ocean?


Violet plays in the water … dreaming she is on a deserted island perhaps? Or pretending to be a mermaid! She LOVES mermaids.


Alice blows bubbles while she paddles in the water totally lost in thought. Note the bubbles on the right of the photo.

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