Weekly Writing Challenge: Ghosts of December 23/24th Past

Hello dear friends

Here in Australia, it is Christmas Eve today. As I have gone about my day I have been cooking food for tomorrow in between making centre pieces for our Christmas table and cleaning. Oh, you name it I’ve been doing it! And all the while I was composing a little verse in my head.

Therefore when I saw the Weekly Writing Challenge from WordPress I was delighted to find I could use my verse! So today folks, I present to you my poem about Christmas Eve.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to say a big ‘thank you’ to those who follow my blog … without you I could not continue writing.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!


How I love Christmas Eve

Oh, how I love Christmas Eve …

It is my favourite part of Christmas

Waiting … watching … longing

Waiting for the Christ-child

Watching for the Star to shine in the east

Longing for the Celebration feast.

My heart prepares for Christmas as I go about the day

Hmmm … the chicken is roasting nice and slow

Kibbi making is on the go

Table decorating is half complete

And I know it is time to check the meat

Plum pudding ice cream may take the cake

Rather than hot things I could bake

Pavarotti singing fills me with bliss

Every year he is not to be missed

I check something here and I tweak something there

While inwardly my heart does prepare

For the Christ-child singing in my heart

Longing and wishing for His labour to start

The manger is ready

A crib nice and steady

While Mary and Joseph are heady

     … with excitement as the time draws near

At least they have nothing to fear

A stable has been found

After much searching around

And ME?

I wait … and I watch  … and I long

For the birth of Jesus so I can sing my song.

Oh, how I love Christmas Eve!

It’s the day when I feel a reprieve

       … from people, eating, drinking and the like

A deep breath before the Christmas delight.

So today as the preparations I make

My heart is pondering Christ’s birth when I wake

Oh, Christmas Eve is giving me much joy!

All praise and thanks to this little baby boy …

Merry Christmas!