parliament-award2Hello all

Well, it’s official. My world has gone mad in the last few days and I have no idea why! A lot of things have been happening to me and I simply must let you know about them.

Either I am going mad … or the world is going mad. I don’t know which … so I’m sticking to the second premise. But without further ado let me list what is going on at present:

Madness No. 1

My friend from the blog nominated me  for the Parliament Award. What is the Parliament Award? I have no idea! However, I do know it is a nice feeling to have someone nominate you for an Award. Thank you so much Bulging Buttons. Go and read her blog, you’ll love it. Here is what BB said:

“Congratulations! You’ve been selected to win a blog award because I really enjoy your blog. If you hate awards, please just take it as a compliment and go about your business.”

Yes, there are rules but I am not going to obey them totally – as BB says “I hope the blog award police don’t come track me down and give me a stern talking to.”

Well BB if they get YOU they will get me too! Let’s enjoy confronting them … whoever they are! Okay I will obey one rule: Why am I loyal? I am loyal because I don’t easy give up on friendships. I will hang in there for as long as it takes to work things out … and what’s more, I will be upfront with my friend and tell the truth if it needs to be told.

If it is best not spoken and I think that telling the truth will ruin the friendship … well, there are ways around that if it is really important! The secret is to tell it with gentleness and love and reassurance.

Madness No. 2

I was sitting in the park in the city with a very good friend after having a coffee, when a homeless man came along to claim his bench! We ended up sharing it, but what transpired was a half an hour conversation in which we heard why this man was homeless. Gary was his name.

Gary was a man of about 45 years old and we tried to encourage him and he was most touched by our attention. So much so that he put his arm around me and told me “Do you know you are a real ‘looker’ and I’d like to know you better!”

Oh no! I put up my hand with my wedding ring on and said “Come on now Gary, I’m married and my husband would be none too pleased about this.”  Eventually Gary got the message but not before I told him I was 20 years younger than him, to which he replied “it doesn’t matter to me … you’re nice.”

Fancy being hit on by a homeless man! We left on the pretense of meeting my husband down the street … but oh, it was funny and yet sad at the same time. I like to think we blessed him in some way.

Madness No. 3

After the homeless man, we needed to eat lunch and opted for a Food Court near the train station when Madness No. 3 hit. A scruffy looking lady headed to our table holding two gifts with a card and gave us one each saying “Merry Christmas”. When we queried what this was about, she was stuck for words and just said “to bless you both.”

On the card was written “Jesus Cares” in fancy writing with a psalm. She had given us a large candle each! We thanked her as she ran off as fast as she could. She gave no one else who was eating there, any gifts.

The most interesting thing in the city were these people dressed as Santa!

The most interesting thing in the city were these people dressed as Santa!

What was this about? As we sat at our table … which incidentally overlooked the park with the homeless man … we shook our heads and wondered what was happening to us this day.

Sure, we thought the city looked drab and lifeless with very little Christmas decorations visible, but our day had been the very opposite! Full of interest and life.

We had begun the day with morning tea at a heritage tea room situated in our City Hall and it had been all silver service and waitresses dressed in 1920s apparel and now here we were surrounded by a totally different class of people!

Oh, life is strange …

Madness No. 4

When my grocery order was delivered this morning, amongst my things were two kilos of prawns! Sure, some things had been substituted and the lemons were old but I had never ordered prawns! Were they trying to sweeten me or was this a mistake?

The prawns had now thawed out and I was going out to lunch for a friend’s birthday, so I promptly cooked the green prawns and took them with me to the lunch! How lovely it looked, a huge plate of prawns displayed on the table for all to enjoy. Time for me to bless someone else!

So there dear friends, I told you didn’t I? I told you about my few days of madness … I wonder if it will continue on in this vein until Christmas?