Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

Community. When I think of this word, I imagine all sorts of scenes: A family sitting and chatting in a living room. Crowds gathering in squares to watch a holiday tree lighting. Or even some of the spaces on the web that I frequently visit, like The Daily Post.

But it doesn’t have to be images of people either. This week, in a post created specifically for this challenge, show us community, and interpret it any way you please!

Hello all

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Community this week, I wanted to continue with my Venice theme as I found so many beautiful photos I took in 2008. Remember my lovely photos last week for the GRAND photo challenge? Well, there’s more!

But dear friends, I wanted to do something different … look at it from another perspective. I know that Community can  be a group of any like-minded people who have the same aim or goal and they come together … or are even forced together at times … and share deeply of their pain, their happiness or simply their travels.

But today, I am looking at a Community of like-minded ‘things’ that I found whilst traveling in Venice. And what’s more, I’m going to call it a ‘gaggle’ – which is a cluster or a group. Have you heard the expression: a ‘gaggle of girls’ or more commonly ‘a gaggle of geese?’ I love that expression!

Okay … so that’s what I’m talking about when I say I’m going to show you some ‘gaggles’ today.

First, I’m going to show you a ‘gaggle of masks.’ The masks here in Venice are amazing! And all because of the masked festival that takes place for a month every year.  It is a magnificent festival which goes back to 1608, however, it came back into vogue during the 1980s and now the Venice Festival is “an irresistible attraction for what is undoubtedly one of the world’s most unique experiences: the re-living of 18th century Venice.”  www.italyguides.it/us/venice_italy/venice_carnival/venice

Oh Venice, is just such an interesting place to visit!

Next, I found a ‘gaggle of gondolas’ lined up alongside the canal at San Marco ready to take tourists wherever they wanted to go, and of course, where there are gondolas there are always a ‘gaggle of gondoliers’ sitting together on a seat waiting for business.

Therefore, I have interpreted these items in terms of a ‘Community’. Here folks is my take on gaggles in Venice with some comment underneath each.


Just love those masks that you see in stalls around the streets of San Marco Island.


Here is a mask stall with a gaggle of tourists passing by … another community … the tourist community.


This is taken in a shop window in one of the Callies on San Marco Island. Amazing masks but then again they are supposed to be recreating the 18th century. (a little blurry but you get the idea)


Here is a gaggle of gondoliers waiting for business. The Italian men find sitting around very easy … so laid back and never in a hurry!


This gaggle of gondolas along the shoreline of the Grand Canal. We never had a gondola ride because it was so expensive and we wanted to hire a water taxi to take us to our ship. The ride was amazing! Not as romantic as a gondola however!