Daily Prompt: Daring Do

Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BOLD.


Hello dear friends

My story begins with my friend’s mother, who had just arrived in Australia from England. She was at my home for morning tea and was happy sitting by my front door enjoying the view from the open sliding doors which look out onto the garden.

“Rosemary, there is a strange lizard looking at me from outside the front door” she called to her daughter in her Liverpool accent as we made the tea in the kitchen.

“Oh Mum, it’s nothing, there are all kinds of creatures here in Australia … they won’t harm you!” replied Rosemary in between deep and meaningful conversation with me in the kitchen.

A few minutes later, Mother’s voice called out again “Rosemary, it is an awful looking lizard, I think you should come and have a look!”

Did we detect a note of urgency creeping into her voice? We looked at each other and shook our heads … mothers!

“Look Mum, it is nothing … we’ll be there in a moment.” said Rosemary trying to placate her mother.

A few more minutes passed and Mother’s voice had risen to a higher pitch, “Rosemary, this lizard is just staring at me! I’d feel better if you looked at it.”

Mumbling to each other about mothers being old and frightened of flies and spiders and the like, we both walked out casually to see what Mother was carrying on about.

“OH! … MY … GOODNESS!!” I cried out as I saw a large black snake at the front door with head raised above the step ready to strike Mother who was only a few feet away. “A SNAKE!!”

On hearing my shriek, the snake retreated and ran into the nearby garden deciding what it would do next … and there it stayed until our next move came.

A snake like this one at our front door

A snake like this one at our front door

Mother had been eye-balling this snake for five minutes thinking it was a harmless lizard! And what’s worse, we had ignored her. We were mortified.

What danger had we put Rosemary’s Mother in? And how lucky was she that she wasn’t bitten by the snake?

But, what did Rosemary and I do? Nothing. We were not bold, daring or brave. We were gutless wonders in light of the danger that had been at our very doorstep. But, we had TRIED to be brave and that is what was important. We got Mother out of harm’s way until we decided our next step.

A cry to our male neighbour went out and he arrived with great urgency and disposed of  the largest snake that I have ever seen near our house and now in the garden.

I will not give you the gory details of what happened to this poor snake. All I can say is: it was a different world in 1979 to what it is now dear friends and it went to straight to heaven.

A Happy Ending

Poor Mother was shaken … but not harmed. By remaining relatively calm and not being afraid of the snake, she had kept herself safe. The snake did not smell FEAR and therefore, did not strike.

Once safe, we roared with laughter all morning as we mocked Mother “Oh Rosemary, there is a strange lizard looking at me” Forever after whenever Mother came to Australia to visit we reminisced about the ‘strange lizard’ that had visited her … and how she had lived to tell the tale.

Heaven knows what she told them when she returned to England!

In all the 39 years I have lived at this house, I have never seen a snake trying to come into our house except for that day circa 1979.

So why did this snake choose THAT day to come and scare a little old lady who did not even know what a snake looked like?

Who knows why these things happen? However, I do know this: neither of us were BOLD or BRAVE that day. Not in the sense that I think of as bold or brave, but then again, let’s look at the way US author Veronica Roth, (Divergent) speaks of bravery:

“A brave man acknowledges the strength of others”

I am very good at BOLD when it comes to bolding words.

I am good at this!

Well, in the light of this quote, hadn’t Rosemary and I done just that? We had called for help from someone who was far stronger than we were and who we felt could tackle the problem with great gusto and daring.

Steven (our neighbour) acted with great BOLDNESS and DARING … as he brought that cheeky snake to a sticky end.

Perhaps we were braver than we thought after all?Perhaps our BOLDNESS and DARING in being decisive in asking someone else to help was indeed a great act of BRAVERY?

And if you believe that dear friends, you are far more gullible than I thought you were! But then again … perhaps not?

But there is one thing I do know for sure (as indicated above) I am much better at BOLD when it comes to BOLDING WORDS …

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