Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

Let there be light! Many of you already know that the photo in photography means light. More often than not, though, we shy away from actually showing its source in our photos. Let’s give our trusty lightbulbs, flickering candles, and pedestrian street lamps their due respect.


Hello dear friends

The Photo Challenge this week is very timely for me because at the church that I attend we celebrate the season of Advent every year and it all involves LIGHT in the form of candles.

You see, Advent begins four weeks before Christmas when we prepare ourselves for the coming of the Christ Child on Christmas Day. Therefore, on the first Sunday of Advent you will find four beautiful Advent candles lined up ready for the four Sundays of Advent.

On the first Sunday, the priest says special prayers before the Mass begins and lights the first candle. Each Sunday the next candle is lit in turn until all four candles are blazing away. It is a wonderful little touch and keeps you focused on “The Light of the World” who us Christians believe has come into the world as a baby boy on Christmas Day.

So today, I am going to share with you some sources of LIGHT in honour of Advent. Each photo has a story which I share underneath each photo.

P1010192A few years ago, I was looking for a lovely Nativity Scene and I came across this statue of Jesus, Mary and Joseph together as one. I loved it immediately! Last year, I set up this little shrine next to my Christmas tree and found a good use for these lights that I’ve never known where to put before. Isn’t it a great look? And I love how the reindeer lends a comedic touch.  I took this photo in 2012.


Here it is the same little shrine next to the Christmas tree … you can see the little twinkles of lights peeping out from the decorations on the tree. It is a very subtle look but they ARE there! Every year, the family likes to help decorate the tree together (I wrote about this on my last blog tessross.wordpress.com/things-are-on-the-up-and-up/. I must say I have taken away the messy things under the sewing machine this year.


I took this photo in November at my granddaughter Madeleine’s first birthday bash. A stiff wind was blowing and no sooner had I taken the photo than the candles were blown out by the wind. No attempt to relight them would work so we gave up! At least we have this photo. You can see the direction of the wind in the flames and for this reason, I love the photo which has captured a moment in time.

Even though it is not Christmassy (it felt like it was) I have included this photo taken in Fiji last year as only the Fijians know how to do ‘LIGHT’ … they have sticks of fire and electric lights everywhere. If you look closely at the top of the photo you can see a palm tree; they grow everywhere in Fiji. Here are my two granddaughters on the night of  their mother’s 40th Birthday when we were outside Cross Restaurant waiting to have dinner. It was such a special time!

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