Hello dear friends

I have so many things going around in my head this afternoon that I have no idea where to begin. I should have known I was a little exhausted (and a bit dippy in the head) when I woke up this morning with my pearl necklace around my neck. Totally forgot to remove it last night and slept in it!

Pearls worn with pajamas is a rather interesting look folks …

So, let’s get my first good piece of news out-of-the-way: my husband Geoff came home from hospital on Friday. He is recovering well from the brain bleed he received when he fell off his push bike …’recovering’ being the operative word. It will take time for the blood to break up and for him to recover fully, but he is well on his way.

The next bit of good news happened yesterday. My son Daniel finally got to celebrate his birthday which was last Tuesday (26th November). Every attempt for him to celebrate his 38th birthday was met with defeat as one after the other, each event he had planned was cancelled for various reasons, some more obvious than others – like Geoff’s illness and children’s sickness for instance.

Oh … and what about the buckets of rain that fell on Saturday forcing him to cancel his big barefoot bowls day out with his friends and their families? Now, that is what I call a real ‘wash-out!’

Therefore, to try and make it up to him, an impromptu lunch was held at our place on Sunday and it turned into a wonderful time with the family. Geoff was very subdued but he sat on the couch and enjoyed the antics of the adults as well as the children.

And what good timing it turned out to be as my poor Christmas tree had stood bare in the family room since Geoff was taken off to hospital in the ambulance, putting an end to my tree decorating plans. I needed help!

It wasn’t the only thing that stood still during those awful days of Geoff going to hospital. On Saturday morning, I had measured out all the fruit for my Christmas cake and it was soaking in rum for 24 hours. Those 24 hours turned into seven days as I was either staying with family or had no time to be thinking of Christmas cakes! (The cake finally got made this Saturday).

It was as if the ‘Pause Button’ had been pressed on a recording of our lives. Everything that had been planned to be done – house to be cleaned and all – was frozen in time waiting for life to return to normal.

Is life normal yet … you might ask? Well actually no! Not when you’ve just had a house full of adults and children eating and drinking.

Violet holds the bauble bearing her name. Each child has a bauble on my tree.

Violet holds the bauble bearing her name. Each child has a bauble on my tree.

Then after lunch, I took advantage of those present to help decorate the Christmas tree. Yippee … at last!! Our traditional CD kept for such an occasion as this, was put in the player: Kenny Rodgers and Anne Murray sang carols in their melodious voices while we got stuck into the tree.

That is … except for our daughter Maria … who lay on the small couch nearby to observe and promptly fell asleep! However, her children Alice (12) and Violet (7) were wonderful and led the charge with a certain amount of panache for decorating.

Oh, it was fun after a rather serious week involving nurses and doctors! 

Then this morning I went off to the last day of my Shakespeare class for the year. I did try to get out of it but my 85-year-old friend Shirley phoned early and would hear none of it. She had planned for us ladies to watch the movie of Julius Caesar which we had just finished studying.

“Besides Theresa,” she said in her Anglo-Indian voice, “It’ll be good for you … and we can’t do without you!” Okay…  Okay Shirley, I give up!

Now I’m home. It feels wonderful to have some time to myself while Geoff has a sleep on our bed. The house is still dirty. In fact, it is now twice as dirty as it was on Saturday thanks to all our activities. And what am I doing about it? I am doing absolutely nothing about it. Here I sit at the computer writing the update of  affairs on my blog and loving every minute of it!

It’s been a full-on week and I am glad it is over dear friends. However, as I said before, things are on the up and up.

  • Geoff is recovering slowly but surely; he is getting stronger.
  • Daniel has had his birthday celebration complete with lots of balloons and good gifts.
  • My Christmas cake has been made and is put away doused with rum to keep it moist (more needed every week!)
  • The Christmas tree is decorated, albeit not by my own hand … except for two decorations; needs some tweaking though (yes I know, I know … I’m fussy).

And yes, Shakespeare classes have finished for the year. Sure, I saw Julius Caesar murdered on the DVD today  but the best part of all that is: MY life still goes on! Watching lots of blood and gore as I did today makes you grateful to live in this present time and not during the brutal Roman era.

I did realise just how much things are indeed on the up and up.  How good it feels!