Hello dear friends

I am happy to report tonight that Geoff is recovering very well and hopes to be allowed home any day soon. Thank you to so many people who sent messages and phoned giving Geoff and me love and support. It is an absolute miracle that Geoff was not affected severely … for which I am most grateful.

It is also nice to be back sleeping in my own bed again (since last night). There is no place like home dear friends, no matter how nice it is being with others!

So tonight, I am taking advantage of being here by writing a quick post in between phone calls and other things. I am aware it is Thanksgiving in America today and in the spirit of the day I am going to share with you a verse that was sent to me via email from a blog I follow.

It actually articulates how I feel about being grateful. I am full of Thanksgiving for all of my life at present, with all of the difficulties and problems that beset – not just me – but all of us. I just loved this when I read it this morning so I wanted to share it with everyone!

Sorry to harp on this subject folks, but it has occurred to me in the last few months that it is actually the secret to living a full and happy life. And you will find that it is true what the verse says: Being grateful doesn’t come naturally. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American followers …



What Everyone Ought to Know about Being Grateful

First of all, it doesn’t come naturally, especially if you grew up with anger or despair, if the people who fed you and put you to bed liked to lay blame and predict evil times.

Rather, being grateful is a growing, daily thing learned first of all, on the good days when people you most admired said out loud how wonderful it is to grow a tomato or read a great book or adopt a cat or celebrate Grandma’s eighty-ninth birthday.

The second thing to know is that being grateful does not require a lucky or privileged life in which you get everything you want and never have to wait inefficiently or simmer in frustration.

Rather, it asks for a soul broken open and willing to receive the haphazard day, the hand extended in consolation, the breath of cool air across one heated, hopeful moment, the word of courage, the cup of water, the plan of action, the song we sing, oh so stubbornly, of kingdom come.

Copyright Vinita Hampton Wright, 2012  ~ taken fromdeepeningfriendship.loyolapress.com/2012/11/23/what-everyone-ought-to-know-about-being-grateful