Hello dear friends

I have debated whether or not to write this post today, but in the long run I need to let my readers know what’s been happening in my life to keep me away from writing for a few days.  I have this space of time so I’ll take it while I can.

You know, life takes us on many twists and turns at times, and this is one of those twists that took me by completely surprise. It’s concerns my husband Geoff who was taken off to hospital in an ambulance with some very worrying symptoms on Saturday evening … just as I was cooking fritters for tea!

There is never any right time for such things to happen, but I must say I was keeping an eye on Geoff as the fritters were being made and I didn’t like what I saw. Eventually, the para-medics arrived and carted him off unceremoniously to the local hospital with protests from the man himself.

Geoff is not one to be carted off to hospital very easily … or to admit he even needs to be! But I took charge and eventually, common sense prevailed and he realised he had all the symptoms of a mini-stroke and needed help.

Needless to say, I grabbed one of the fritters I had made to eat on the way and put the rest of the mixture in the fridge.  I did manage to laugh when I returned at 11pm and was cooking the rest of the fritters as I was so hungry from not eating for five hours. Even in a crisis, one still needs to be fed dear friends!

The electric Audi which was unveiled at a Frankfurt car show.

Isaac and the electric Audi which he couldn’t stop talking about. It was unveiled at a Frankfurt car show.

Geoff is stable now and he is in a private hospital close to the city which has a wonderful reputation. I took time out to go downstairs to the hospital coffee shop yesterday afternoon and write in my journal. I share some of what I wrote about the situation and how Isaac (4) our grandson, made us smile with his talk of cars which he absolutely loves.

“Mon 25th November 2013

It seems strange for me to be here in this hospital coffee shop; not a place I would normally frequent but I have been forced out of my Monday routine. Shakespeare has been forgotten. A lunch date is now cancelled. Geoff has suffered a bleed from the brain as a result of a push bike accident some weeks ago where he fell and hit his temple.

It took six weeks for the bleed to build up enough to cause Geoff speech difficulties and some problems with his right hand. How quickly life changes! One moment we were going along quite well, thinking how lucky we were to have few problems in our older years and then wham! Geoff found himself in trouble.

I am not sure what the long-term effect will be but it seems he may need some speech therapy as he has lost his high-level speech and some other therapies for minor ailments. It could have been so much worse.

As I sit here in the cafe, I am a long way from home. Because I don’t drive fair afield, I’ve chose to stay with my son and his wife Belinda last night as they live very close to the hospital. This little diversion from the norm, whilst not under good circumstances, has brought its own delights as I interacted with my grandchildren Isaac (4) and little Madeleine (1) more than usual.

It’s been lovely to spend the evening with the whole family. Dan made us spaghetti and meatballs last night and it seemed strange to sit around the table sharing a meal without Bampy (Geoff) present.

I asked Isaac later if he would like to say a prayer to Jesus for Bampy. Well yes, he would but the only trouble was “Jesus died on the cross and he is now dead Grandma.” Shocked by this reply, I explained how Jesus had risen and he’s now in Heaven, so it’s okay to pray for him up there. (His other grandma had explained the whole thing to him at church recently, but he only heard what he wanted to hear!)

Poor Isaac, he was more interested in the idea of a car you could plug-in to the electricity to make it work, than in praying for sick grandfathers. “An electric Audi” he kept saying “you plug it in Grandma” as if I wasn’t the person who told him all this from  his Audi car magazine, in the first place!

Later I noticed his story kept getting embellished when he later told anyone who would listen: “I need to get a diesel ‘mote-control (remote-control) Audi that you plug-in.”

In the midst of our upset at Geoff’s circumstances, it is wonderful that a little four-year old can give us so much joy … and he passed this joy on to Bampy in the hospital later in the day when he informed Geoff who had not heard the news: 

“Bampy, I want a diesel ‘mote-control Audi that you plug-in.”

Thank you Lord for little ones that help you forget your woes and make you smile …