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I’ve been wanting to bring you the story written by my granddaughter Alice (12) about a month ago.  I was inspired by her writing to write my own post on My last-Supper-before-I-Die  as a challenge from WordPress Daily Prompt, so I was eager to share her story also.

What they have unearthed at Pompeii in Italy

What they have unearthed at Pompeii in Italy

Well, last night I watched a program on TV about Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii and how they have found 52 skeletons in a cellar in a different part of that region where the bodies were not destroyed by ash. Therefore, the anthropologists have been able to work out how the people lived and what the they were doing (and eating) just before the volcano erupted.

It’s amazing stuff! So now, in the spirit of ‘what was I doing just before I died’ I present this sad tale which my granddaughter wrote after watching a DVD on Vesuvius and Pompeii … and which caused me to shed a tear or two. I have changed no wording in the story but I have added some punctuation where it was needed.

Thank you Alice … you can carry on the family writing tradition long after I’ve gone …


I’m going to die. Mt. Vesuvius is spitting out large hard rocks; the Gods have decided to kill us. I have locked myself into my master’s daughter’s bedroom under her big silk bed.

I was just at the markets when a dark grey cloud covered the whole city. Everyone was panicking and all of a sudden everyone was running everywhere trying to get cover. All of my kind of people – the slaves – were forced to help their masters and their family. I had to put my basket over my head to protect it as the basket kept on filling up with rocks.

Now my master is yelling for me to go help them. As I look out the window I see everyone waiting at the gates trying to get out of the city for their freedom. If I go out there, I will be forced to help master and his family. I’m thinking about making a run for it out of the window.

Vesuvius erupting

Vesuvius erupting

There are no loud noises coming from the big mountain. “ALICIUS” my master is calling me now from the door. All of Lady Adelias things are wobbling and everything is shaking. I’m going to make a run for it but if I do I will get caught in that big crowd at the gates. As I’m thinking to myself ‘why aren’t they letting us out as we are all going to die anyway’. Why God? Why?

I am now covering my mouth with one of Lady Adelias cloths. It is starting to get really dusty and ashy in this room with a window open. Maybe I should go out and help master and his family.

I walk out and master yells at me ‘go get everyone a drink!’ While there are buildings falling I say, “we have to leave right away, we are going to die!” We are all now waiting in the living room … waiting to die. Now, all this wood is falling from the roof. We are trapped. “HELP!!” I yell but no one answers. I see blood.

“HELP!!” I yell one more time. It’s   O