Hello all

This morning WordPress sent me a Happy Anniversary message: two years since I founded my blog! A lot of things have happened to me since then dear friends. My blog has evolved and changed … and I have too I suppose. It never occurred to me at that time, that blogging would change my life, yet it has. I love it and can’t wait to celebrate more years with WordPress. ‘Nough said.

It’s been a good albeit busy week, but I always find time to write in my Poppy Journal when I get the chance. On Wednesday this week I was with Geoff as he drove up the highway to pick up our granddaughter Violet (7) from after-school care. (Her sister Alice was at Soccer Clinic and Mum was away for work).

It was during this time that I did my writing … as Geoff drove and I sat quietly in the passenger seat. We were involved in the 5 o’clock rush hour on the freeway. The traffic was building up and would be worse by 6pm but we weren’t daunted as we tried to enjoy the experience.

As we drove, I saw a sign all lit up in red lights on top of a ten-storey building, telling me it was 25 degrees celsius. Well, that IS good to know! Not too hot … not too cold.

80594_1135961_LDBut then, another sign captures my attention: ‘POSITIVE BATTERIES’ it screams at me. I’m not sure what ‘Negative Batteries’ would be, but the sign reminds me that we live in an age of positivity so it does not surprise me that this name has been used by the battery company. It seems everything these days needs to be positive … even batteries!

You know, this leads me to wonder about this whole Positivity movement. Do we think that we have to be positive all the time? I hope not, for it allows no room for any sadness or anger that needs to be expressed before we can move on with our lives.  Sometimes, in my pursuit of the positive, I wear myself out trying too hard and I end up exhausted … sick even.

There is a balance we need to find here and as much as I know this is true, trying to achieve it is difficult. First, I go too far with being positive and I push on feeling worse by the minute. Next, I face my emotions and after some tears I find myself too bogged down from looking inwards.

I can’t win at times it seems! This is when I realise I need to find balance and do something that involves F-U-N. 

So off I go in pursuit of levity in order to forget myself. When I return, I can feel harmony has been restored within me. My emotions have been acknowledged; as a result positivity comes back. My negativity has been emptied out and I now have room for happiness to bubble up within me.

Speaking of positivity, I am reminded of an incident when picking up Violet that day. As we drove her home, she shocked me with a question I was unprepared for:

“Grandma, is SNOT bad for you?”

indexWhere had this come from? Contemplating my answer, I decided on humour as the best option and replied “only if you eat it Violet.”  Her reply was swift and dramatic: “Grandma!!” This was not the reply she had expected from a grandma!

The next question was even trickier: “What IS snot Grandma?”

Oh dear, nowhere in my grandma training had I been prepared for this! Violet seemed content with the explanation I gave her and is very keen to be nice to me after our altercation that morning when she refused to get ready for school despite repeated warnings.

Though a whole day had passed, she told me we were good friends now despite our little ‘run-in.’ All is sweetness and light between grandmother and granddaughter as we drive along and I am so pleased. I do not like being at odds with my grandchildren, but sometimes one has to do what one has to do!

My mind goes back to the ‘POSITIVE’ of the Positive Batteries that I saw as we came along the highway. Yes, sometimes we actually have to stop trying to be so positive all the time.  There is a time for other things like discipline or facing emotions or simply accepting things the way they are.

Therefore dear friends, let’s try to keep a positive mindset most of the time, but let us also be aware of other mindsets that we may need to have when necessary. This afternoon I was surprised by an email which appeared to teach me more on the subject from tinybuddha.com/blog/stop-trying-hard. It read in part:

“People often ask me, but how do I feel calm and “positive” all the time? The answer: you don’t. Stop trying to. And when you do, gradually the moments that feel good start to expand and the ones that don’t start to recede.

When you have a clear moment, you have a clear moment. But those other non-clear moments, they’re perfectly fine too.

When you have a positive, life-affirming thought, this is fine, but so are all those cranky not so life-affirming thoughts.

Practicing acceptance is the master-key.”

And with this wonderful reassurance from Tiny Buddha I will bring this post to an end and say a big ‘Thank you” to all you people ‘out there’ in cyberspace who have helped me along my way with blogging by reading, commenting and even phoning me about various posts I have written.

thank you