Hello all

I love this time of day dear friends! The sunlight is fading fast as the sun prepares its descent over the horizon so that it can rise on another day in another hemisphere.

It is a time of stillness … of shadows over my backyard … of small children in the neighborhood crying as they resist coming in from play in order to bath, have tea and prepare for bed. Familiar sounds to me. Sounds that say ”I’m home’. Sounds that cocoon me in the comfort of the familiar as I tidy up the mess from being on holidays.

Attitude-of-GratitudeYes, I love this time at home after being away. As much as I look forward to going on holiday, I also look forward to returning to the nest where I know my environment well, so I can pick up where I left off. The thing is, it is not like I used to feel when I had to go back to ‘real work’ in my 9 to 5 life. No. Now, I love my so-called ‘retirement life.’ It calls to me because I love living it and I feel so full of gratitude for what I have.

Yes, there are things I have neglected since I went away that need attending to now that I am back. For instance, I was in the middle of reading a manuscript in order to edit it, before I l went away, and I must get back into it again. I won a Sunshine Award and was supposed to nominate someone else for it … and I have not done so. I was supposed to make some menial appointments for boring things like an ingrown toenail, a routine breast screening for lumps and bumps, and a blood test which I was supposed to have weeks ago.

All these things need to be attended to and as I sit here on this late afternoon looking out at the lengthening shadows, I am reminded that I love the idea of getting back into my routine. And my calendar shows some wonderful things coming up too: lunches with retired friends, afternoon tea with an old work friend, things to do with my grandchildren … the list goes on.

So much joy! So much to look forward to! And tonight, Geoff and I are being shouted dinner at a local club by my daughter-in-laws parents who are also OUR friends. They want to say thank-you for a favour we did for them.

You know dear friends, this blog post sounds a bit Pollyanna-ish doesn’t it? As if nothing ever goes wrongs in my world? Well, be assured that this is not so; Geoff and I are going through a trying time at the moment with something that is happening in the family and it has been difficult to hold one’s faith in the midst of it. Yet, as I write this post – which I had no intention of writing at this time – gratitude and joy bubbles up within me.

Perhaps God is nudging me to be grateful for what I do have and not to concentrate on what I don’t have? And, as the light of the day diminishes, the light of my faith is growing stronger. All of us human beings are beset with problems of one kind or another … who am I to think my life should run so smoothly that never a bump enters its sphere?

But … there is ONE thing I can control … and that is my attitude to what is happening in my life at present. I deliberately choose to have an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE. tonight. It is the one thing that all of us have control over and I believe it enables positive outcomes to come into our lives.