Hello dear friends

It is night time here in the Broadwater Tourist Park by the sea where Geoff and I are staying for a week. My daughter and granddaughters are visiting for the weekend so there have been plenty of activities to keep us busy. I will miss them terribly when they go home early tomorrow morning, but all is quiet now in the caravan.

They are fast asleep in their beds as I write … even Geoff, who was the first to go off.  I am the only one awake, sitting in the one spot left vacant due to so many in such a small space, with the lap top on my knee and the mouse on a book beside me! It feels strangely decadent being up while everyone sleeps but it is the only chance I’ve got to write on my blog!

Earlier today, all of us were at the pool and I had the chance to write in my Poppy Journal about the day. Here is a little taste:

“Sun 27th October 2013

It can’t get any better than this! Sitting by the pool while Alice and Violet swim. The sun is shining beautifully, almost laughing at the wind which has whipped up just to annoy us. Lazing by the pool on lollabouts, we are relaxing and chatting occasionally to some people nearby.

Violet yells out, “Grandma, are you going to get into the pool?” It is said with such desperation that I feel bad when I respond with an emphatic “No way darling”. There aren’t any thoughts of ‘maybe’ or ‘perhaps’ – just a simple ‘NO’ … meaning ‘no discussion thank you very much.’

nike-just-do-itThe fact is that the breeze is too cool for swimming! I’m lazing in the sun and I am not wanting to feel cold right now. It’s wonderful that kids don’t stop to think too much before they jump into the water. They just ‘do it’ whilst us oldies sit around thinking about it: ‘will I or won’t I?’ A mental conversation goes on in our brain for far too long before decisions are made!

If people could see a thought bubble protruding from our brain at such a time, it could be quite embarrassing to see what is taking place there: the push and shove, the argument and counter-argument. And then what happens next? We continue sitting in the sun until it’s time to go for lunch and once we’re there, we regret not getting in and having that swim.

What strange creatures we are! I wonder if we could be helped by having a switch inserted in our brain that turns on and off? Then when we need to make a decision and stop procrastinating, we could just flick the switch to ‘ON’ and ‘just do it.’

Oh, I wish it were that simple dear friends. If it were I would have one inserted tomorrow!”

Time now for bed … see you for the next installment of Life with Tess at The Broadwater!