Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

Hello dear friends,

As I come to you on this lovely Sunday afternoon, I find the direction given me this week from the Photo Challenge is clear:

“Share a photograph with a prominent color (or assortment of colors) that reveals more about you. It could be a symbolic, meaningful shade; a color that expresses how you currently feel; or a combination of colors that excites you and tells a visual story.”

PHOTO NO. 2 - The tapestry up close on the blue wall

PHOTO NO. 2 – The tapestry up close on the blue wall

Well, this one almost had me stumped, but after much consideration, I realised I had already taken some photos a few weeks ago which I had not used, but as there is a right time for everything, I realised these photos were perfect for this weeks challenge … and I’ll tell you why when we get to the photos.

There are in fact, three photos I am going to share today … three photos of the same object  from different perspectives, but each of them tells you something about myself. The object is a tapestry which hangs on my wall in my Lounge/Sitting Room wall and I love it.

But first, a little about how the tapestry came to be made, which you may find interesting:

I originally bought the tapestry around 1978 and it was large. I thought it would be a great challenge as I loved doing tapestry and had never attempted one this big before. However, child rearing and other things got in the way and it took me TEN YEARS to complete half of it! What was I thinking?

One day in a fit of desperation, I brought it out to show the kids (now 12 and 15 years respectively) and I hatched up a plan to help me complete it. Each of us would take bets – yep money – on the EXACT date the tapestry could be finished, if I set my mind to complete it by doing 30 minutes every day (well, most days anyway).

We named our dates (mine was six months hence, the kids further away). I began the task and promptly forgot all about the bet as I began to enjoy my daily exercise of sitting in my lounge chair near the lamp doing some tapestry. As the six months drew to a close, my tapestry was almost finished. I remembered the bet and looked at the dates we had given. I realised my date was the next week and that the tapestry would easily be finished in that time!

And so it came to pass that on the exact date I had given, I wove the last stitches of the tapestry while the kids watched on. They were gobsmacked! You see, I had a habit of winning bets that involved guessing the exact time of arrival at our destination, or any other bet of that kind (and there were many I might add).

There were cries of, “Not again! How does she do it??” It was sweet dear friends, so sweet. It ‘only’ took a another ten years to have it framed but now, it sits in pride of place in my house. Enjoy the three pictures, each one zooming in to reveal the heart of the tapestry.


PHOTO NO. 1 – my Lounge/Sitting Room

This whole room says a lot about ME! I love to decorate. I want things in my house that are unusual – a little quirky perhaps – and different bright colour schemes. I decorated this corner of my Lounge Room to accommodate my beautiful tapestry. I love to bask in objects that look beautiful’ in my house. The lounge chair you can see here is where I sat to complete my tapestry. It looks out on the garden.

PHOTO NO. 2 - The tapestry up close on the blue wall

PHOTO NO. 2 – The tapestry up close on the blue wall

The whole symmetry of this tapestry says a lot about me. In fact, it could be called ‘Fearful Symmetry’ because it has order yet the erratic ‘flame-like’ flourishes along the bottom create a kind of chaos that makes it interesting. This is me: a combination of order and chaos. Oh, I wish I was different … but there you have it!

PHOTO NO. 3 - looking into the heart of the tapestry

PHOTO NO. 3 – looking into the heart of the tapestry

The heart of this tapestry is the golden sun and the doves. It represents the two things that define ME. The doves speak of my spirituality which is very important to me while the sun represents my love of warm climes as well as sunrises and sunsets. I am a person who benefits from warmth and I feel good when the sun is shining. I also have far too many photos of sunrises and sunsets and I don’t think I am about to change this any time soon!

I hope you have enjoyed the Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you. I look forward every week to Saturday when the challenge comes online (it is actually Friday in the U.S.) to see what the challenge will be for this week. And this week I was not disappointed.


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