Hello dear friends

Have you noticed how young girls aged between 15-18 yrs are often seen in the shortest of shorts, usually ripped off along the bottoms? Also, they love wearing little tops to match that don’t quite meet the top of the shorts. This is to show off the jewellery they usually wear in their navel.

I notice this because I often see them catching the bus, usually with friends all dressed in the same attire … a bit like a uniform of sorts. I have often wondered about it and when I see a young girl dressed differently, I notice! This happened to me yesterday while travelling to my daughters in the late afternoon. I saw someone different … quite different in fact.

A dress very similar to this one only it had sleeves.

A dress very similar to this one only it had sleeves.

I had my Poppy Journal with me and as I studied her, I wrote about it as I sat on the bus in a prime position: across and down two seats.

Tuesday 15th October 2013

“She sits across from me on the bus. She is wearing a pretty short dress of beige lace. A fitted dress with a gathered skirt … fully lined. Her hair is straight, long and dark brown in colour, but over her right ear are four small curls pinned into perfect rosettes. It looks like she just stepped out of the 1940s.

On her feet are pretty off-white thong sandals studded in white pearls. Her toes are painted green! She is the epitome of style. On a guess she is around 17 years old. She could be a girl from another era but of course, the smart phone she plays with in her hand, screams ‘TODAY’ not ‘YESTERDAY!’

Curls something like this.

Curls something like this.

Because she is not dressed in cut-off short shorts and a singlet top revealing a jewelled navel like most of her age group, she stands out. I ask myself what I know about her from the way she is dressed. Is she studying fashion design perhaps?

She is petite and pretty. Her make-up is well-applied and I note her eye make up is heavy which, strangely enough, is not over done and it enhances her beauty.

Who is this girl who sits so close to me that I can study her? She who likes things that match? This is observed by the trouble she has taken to make sure everything about her outfit matches, including a lovely leather carry-all handbag in a caramel colour and a tasteful beige case with a zip, for her smart phone.

movie_girl_with_a_pearl_earringI can see she likes pretty things … girlie things. Now, as she alights from the bus, her hair bounces and I can see she is wearing pearl drop earrings. Amazing … another anomaly! And what comes immediately into my head?

Ah …”The Girl with the Pear Earring-s!”

Who IS this girl? I would not be surprised if she is a university student as a young man got on and chatted to her. He looked like a student with his backpack and his casual clothes. They had an easy but animated conversation and I picked up that they saw each on a regular basis but were not romantically linked.

And then she was gone. Drifted out of my life forever most likely. A young woman of impeccable style. A happy girl, gentle in her walk yet confident at the same time. She is not afraid to be herself or else she would be wearing the ‘uniform’ of the young and she is not.

the cut off shorts

Cut off shorts .. the uniform of the young.

She is secure enough in herself to say ‘NO’ to scruffy short shorts and to wear what pleases her … and obviously makes her happy.

And now a thought pops into my head  … I think I know who this girl is!!

She is a happy, well-adjusted young woman who is not easily swayed from what she thinks or feels;  one who is content to enjoy the beautiful things she loves. She is comfortable in her own skin. She lets her light shine for all the world to see.

As I realise this, I utter a quick prayer for her with the hope that the harshness of life does not deter her from her course in life, or cause her happy nature to change. And most of all, I pray that her light may not be dimmed despite the fact that there will always be difficulties and challenges in life … ”

I have been touched today by The Girl with the Pear Earring-s.”