Hello dear friends

The day is almost over here in Brisbane, Australia and I am heading for bed anytime now, but first I wanted to write a little about the day.

This is not just any day. No. Today is my birthday and I am now 67 years old …

With Alice in the park

With Alice in the park

Soon, it will be tomorrow and this birthday will be just a memory …Ā  come and gone so very quickly for yet another year.

Yesterday, I was so blessed to celebrate with my granddaughter Alice as she had her 12th birthday in a lovely park in Brisbane.

“Back to back twins” she calls us. Her birthday is on the 6th October, mine is on the 7th October. Last week at her house, she ‘interviewed’ me about our birthday celebration.

Would I mind celebrating with her? Was the cake she chose suitable for someone my age? Did I mind the type of food she had chosen? As she had four friends coming, did I want to invite any of my friends too? On and on it went like this.

What a delightful child! And so considerate of how I felt. I loved celebrating my birthday yesterday with her.

A friend at the celebration said to me “Theresa, when you turn 67 what do you have to look forward to anymore? You have retired, what do you do next?” I laughed so loud that the people living in the suburb nearby probably heard me! If only they knew …

“Well” I began “I read a blog about this women who turned 47 and decided to give herself 47 challenges to complete before her 48th birthday, so I thought I would do something similiar, only 47 challenges is too many for an old girl like me! I think that ‘Twelve Challenges’ would suffice.” (Read the blog here: bulgingbuttons.wordpress.com/three-month-challenge-check-in)

And as for having nothing to look forward to?? Not true! My life is so full that I have to pinch myself sometimes to believe that I have such a wonderful life in retirement.

The amazing cake Alice and I shared.

The amazing cake Alice and I shared.

Certainly, it is not immune from problems, but it is still wonderful despite the normal ups and downs of life. Today, I was remembered by friends phoning or popping in or simply wishing me Happy Birthday on Facebook.

I feel so loved! And the best thing about today was the public holiday here in Brisbane. It meant that I got to have a leisurely lunch with my children and grandchildren. How great was that?

And so, as this special day comes to a close, I know I must finish and get to bed but first, gather round friends, because I am going to reveal to you that I know the first challenge I am putting on my list of ‘Twelve Challenges’. Here it is:

By next year I want to get paid to write …

Yep, you heard it here … get paid to write. Sounds simple doesn’t it? However, it will require a lot of effort so that’s why I am putting it ‘out there’ for all to see.

Dear friends, I have so many challenges running around in my head at this moment that I think I may just be wide awake when I get into bed and not be able to sleep!

Therefore on this note, I will bid you Good Night and join my husband who is snoring away in the bedroom as I write. Oh … the joys of being married.

Tick it off folks … another birthday done and dusted.Ā  Is there a birthday challenge for anyone else perhaps?

Beautiful New Farm Park, Brisbane, where Alice and I celebrated our birthdays.

Beautiful New Farm Park, Brisbane, where Alice and I celebrated our birthdays.