Hello dear friends


Thanks to the Weekly Photo Challenge, this is a photo that says “Good Morning!” for me.

Hello dear friends

Mornings have become a ritual in my house. I must confess to loving my cuppa with some ‘Quiet Time’ in the early mornings and my husband is quite happy for me to have it. “Quiet Time” for him is to be in his garden until I am ready to face the world.

For this I am most grateful!

He often gets breakfast going while I read one of my many books of encouragement and write in my Private Journal. I am always writing … those who know me well will appreciate this! “Good Morning!” for me is about being quiet before I start my day, Here is the little ditty I wrote to accompany this photo of my favourite place (our outdoor patio area) to have a pot of tea and meditate.


Give me a cup of tea to start the day

Give me a POT of tea to make it last

Give me time and space to greet the day

Give me a Book of Encouragement to nourish the soul

Give me scenery that refreshes and renews

Give me solitude before the action begins

Then when all is done:

Give me someone to love who shares my day

Give me someone who says, “Good Morning!”

Then makes another pot of tea to share …