Hello dear friends

The shadows are lengthening in the yard as I write. It’s been a lovely sunny day; so nice to have some time at home this morning: baking muffins, cleaning up, chatting with my neighbour and enjoying some down time.  Now, it’s time to think about my blog and what I am going to write today.

I have had some fun following the Daily Prompts from WordPress for a couple of weeks now, but it’s time for a change today folks! In fact, I wrote this piece I am about to share, in my Poppy Journal on Monday. I was sitting in bed having my cup of tea in the early morning and realised that it was very quiet outside my room for the first time in weeks. As I result of this quietness I began to write:

Mon 30th September 2013

All is quiet in the Parrot Tree this morning. It seems that the parrots have had their fill of the nectar of those bright red flowers that came into full bloom a few weeks ago. Possibly, it’s a bit early in the day to tell as yet. We’ll know soon enough though but I will enjoy the quiet while I can.

The day has dawned bright and clear this morning. It is spring after all and we have had endless blue skies that go on and on forever. Often we have spring showers at this time of year … but not this year. I love the spring! It was why I wanted to get married in the spring and of course I did. It was the 4th September 1971.

The rain is clear on the back windscreen of the car as we look out.

You can see the rain on the back windscreen of the car as we look out.

However, it was not fresh and sunny as I had hoped it would be. No it poured with rain most of the day only fining up miraculously when we left the Reception venue at around 4pm. I was so disappointed! However, I was young and had much to learn about life as yet … only I never knew it then. I’ve long since got over my disappointment.

Photos were taken inside the heritage reception house. Umbrellas were used. Shoes got dirty as did the hem of my wedding dress. But, we survived it all; got on with our lives and our marriage.

It’s been 42 years now. A lifetime together.

Many ups and downs.

Two children. Four grandchildren.

Many good times.

But, has it been easy? No it has not!

Probably far harder than I thought it would be on that Saturday when the rain poured down on 4th September 1971. What dreams we had that day! Dreams of a lifetime together, of love and joy, of bliss and roses. The future seemed so unsullied then dear friends, as it does for most of us as we declare our love in front of family and friends.

But what the rain signified that day was: unexpected events can happen, they come along and spoil your well-laid plans no matter how hard you try to make them turn out right … but its okay in the long run for the sun WILL come out again.”

Oh dear, Geoff and I often laugh about the dream I had of marrying in the early spring …  a time when the cool crisp days of sunshine would shine down on us; flowering trees would be blooming all around the suburbs and the smell of these blossoms would permeate the air!

lots of loveThe rain that came on our wedding day signified REALITY for me. It brought me down to earth but it didn’t stop the lovely memories of the day. It simply reminded us that we would not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by such a turn of events. At that time, we simply got ‘on with it’ and enjoyed the day despite the weather.

And as we have journeyed through life together, we have used the same principle in our approach to the hardships that have come our way. Perhaps it was fitting that it poured with rain on our Wedding Day? It taught us to embrace the rain, to wait for the sunshine, and to enjoy both in equal measure.

Such good memories thanks to a lovely spring morning!