Daily Prompt: 2100

The language of the future: what will it be like? Write an experimental post using some imagined vocabulary — abbreviations, slang, new terms.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FUTURE.

Hello dear friends

Honestly … who knows what the future holds for our language? It has changed enough in the last ten years so how might things be in the year 2100: that’s about 87 years from now.

For example, have you noticed that young people tend to punctuate their conversations with the word ‘LIKE’? Here is an example:

“I was … like … going to town on the bus when this weird person got on and sat next to me and was … like … acting very strange, so I … like … wanted to move but I couldn’t because I was … like … hemmed in.”

Have you … like … heard of this? Well, it happens here in Australia anyway! Not sure what is going on overseas but I sure would like to find out. What’s even worse, I find myself beginning to talk like this too and I’m not sure how it begun.

Already I am being affected by the language of the future … oh no … is there no escape?

So, are we going to put ‘LIKE’ even more into our conversations when 2100 comes along? Or will it be replaced by some other word, or perhaps LESS words? Let’s try something else here. Let’s imagine how this same conversation that I quote above, would be spoken in the year 2100:

ÓΠ ΒÛŠ ψíÊd ÞΣΓŠÒΠ ŠÀτ φËrψ ςΤrÅΠÐÈ. Í ÇÒÜ∫d ∏Ó†ΜÒφë. ÅψƒυΙ …

english-finalNow, see if you can read this very strange type of language. It does make sense if you can work out the letters!

It will have been brought about due to Tweeting and Twittering and Texting in short hand form. Also, it will be affected by something other than Facebook, because FB will be long gone. Perhaps FB will be replaced by a new medium, a combination of Facebook and Twitter called: “TWEETBOOK” which will be very quick, short and sharp.

No one will have to speak properly anymore. No. They will simply have to make sounds and it will be written in the form I have described above! In fact, there will be very little speech from all that techno babble that goes on in cyberspace. That is the reason it will all be in short form as above.

So dear friends, if you are young and reading this, you may just be 100 years old when 2100 comes and you will remember what I wrote here on this blog.  By 2100 people will routinely be living until they are 100+ so there should be a lot of you out there. Anyway, don’t say I didn’t warn you …