Hello dear friends,

A lot of nuns were wonderful teachers ... but not all.

A lot of nuns were wonderful teachers … but not all.

Today I have come home from spending time with my children and grandchildren to find this irresistible Daily Prompt! How can I let this subject go without having my say? I have seen the influence of great teachers and I have seen the destruction that bad teachers can have on children.

For myself, between the ages 14-16 years, I was very blessed to be influenced by a teacher who was a Sister of Mercy nun. She actually changed my life and my thinking forever. Some eight years ago, I had the opportunity during a High School reunion, to thank this teacher for the influence she’d had on me.

She found it hard to accept and I was shocked! However, all the others girls present, pursued the matter, calling out and saying that “yes, we too feel the same way” until finally … and with humility … she accepted the compliment. Only then did I feel satisfied.

Therefore, I want to share some thoughts about her and another teacher, who had the opposite affect on me. In the spirit of The Daily Post which asks “What makes a Teacher Great” I have written a little verse.

Two Teachers

Two women dressed in long black robes

Nuns … who gave all to serve God and man

Teachers they were in an era long gone

One was sour and filled with bitterness

The other was happy and full of love.

One made our lives a misery

The other inspired us to be better people

And looking back fifty years or more

I understand the difference between the two

Sister Sour had no respect for 12 year old girls

While Sister Happy treated us girls with the greatest respect

Sister Sour tainted every lesson with her bitterness

False accusations and belittling

It was her speciality.

Sister Happy paved our path with inspiring stories

Sharing her past

And encouraging us with our future

Sister Sour never laughed

She cast shadows of darkness over our hearts

And preached a gospel of penance

Instead of love.

Sister Happy lightened our hearts every day

Encouraging us to think for ourselves

Loving us until we longed to do better

Just to please her …

What makes a teacher GREAT my friends?

It is the one you remember most from your past

The one you talk about often

And realise as each year goes by

The influence they have had on your life

More than any other teacher you ever had

And you are grateful.

You may forget what they taught you

But you will never forget that they DID teach you

It will remain with you forever
Though not seen

For it was absorbed into the person you became

Who you are NOW, is a testament to what they gave you.

I was blessed to have such a teacher

Yes, Sister Happy changed my life forever …