The Parrot Tree as it towers over the house.

The Parrot Tree as it towers over the house.

Hello dear friends

The Daily Post’s suggestion today in the Daily Prompt is this one below. I think it’s a great suggestion!

Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person. “Show Perspective: The Cat says Meow”

Now, all of the things in the story I am going to tell you are TRUE. Yes, everything happened in reality but I have just woven it into the story! I wrote a post about the Parrot Tree in a recent blog so this is a way of continuing the story about the parrots and the tree. You may want to read it later.

Meanwhile, here is my story:

“Wow! I have just got the news that the Parrot Tree in a Brisbane suburb is in flower! I dropped by last week when one of my fellow parrots told me about this tree but it was still in bud so I left in quite a hurry to find my meal ticket somewhere else.

But now … it is ripe for the taking. Good times here I come!

And as for that pair that live here, they were not around last week when I came then but now they are back and they are really quite annoying. The woman – they call her Tess – is forever inspecting the tree or taking photos of it! Today she was up in the back yard with a camera zooming in trying to catch me in the act of having my fill.

I do not appreciate being watched like this. No indeed! Besides, I heard her telling her husband that us parrots were the Italians of the bird family, noisy and always talking at once. I didn’t like that either. What a pair! Just because we know how to enjoy our food and make a lot of noise whilst doing it, doesn’t make us like Italians. I’m insulted!

Here I am having my fill in the Parrot Tree

Here I am having my fill in the Parrot Tree

Talking of noise, since I’ve come back to visit the tree, there has been nothing but noise at this house. It’s the husband of Tess … he loves using things that make a lot of noise. What’s wrong with the man? On Monday, he was using some thing in the house almost all of the day. Nearly put me off my food! Vacuuming I think they call it.

Then when I came on Tuesday morning, he was using another noisy contraption to cut the grass. And, if this wasn’t enough, in the afternoon, he came out with some other gadget (with a big bag attached to it) and was blowing leaves and other debris into the garden. Oh, what a noise!

And they talk about us parrots … I ask you!

Oh, and here’s another thing, I heard Tess and the husband having an argument late yesterday. They were disagreeing about where to go to get groceries. I thought it was going to turn into a huge fight but just when it was getting interesting, Tess said to him: “Listen Geoff, we’re both really tired so let’s not argue any longer, I’ll go where you want to go.” 

It was all over – just like that. The other birds and I were about to take bets on who would win the argument but it fizzled out before we had a chance to even place the bets.

See how that Tess keeps taking photos?

See how that Tess keeps taking photos?

Look, I know this Tess and her husband are highly interested in the comings and goings at the Parrot Tree, and I do wonder about them at times, but they seem to be good sports in some ways, mainly because they keep a special big urn of water in their garden for us birds to come and drink from or to bathe in. We found this out in the Parrots Almanac which we look up to know which places to visit in Brisbane … you know, for a good feed, fresh water and a bath. 

Damn decent people in some ways.

However, there is one problem that worries me. They keep a bird at their house. It sits there watching us, from a cage. Yes, a cage! I shudder when I see that bird in the cage. Perhaps they have their eye on us … with the intention of getting a bigger cage for a lot of birds? As soon as those Parrot flowers are finished, I’m out of here!

In the meantime, I’ll keep a close eye on them if you like and will report in to the Parrot CIA when I get another chance just in case they try anything nasty.  Signing off …

Pedro the Parrot ”



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