Hello dear friends

Now that I have subscribed to The Dailypost.Wordpress.com/Photo-Challenges today as part of a Weekly Challenge, we have been asked to provide a photo that describes INSIDE.

After a day filled with cleaning our house, it has been a delight to come to my blog and write up this quick little sonnet about my granddaughter and what is going on INSIDE HER HEAD. Enjoy!

INSIDE Maddie’s Head

Ten months old she is …

Just learning to stand up

Leaning on the coffee table

Wanting to take part

But a little shy

So why not hide her face a little?

Peek and look

But keep her distance

What is going on INSIDE that head?

Taking it all in

But giving nothing away

She knows these visitors well

They keep appearing

But she is just too shy as yet

To embrace them as big brother does

So she peeks

She listens

And she hides … just a little

For INSIDE her head

She is taking it all in

Won’t be long now

Before the shyness cracks

And she realises 

It is Grandma and Bampy

And they need not be feared

Soon … all will be fine

I can hardly wait!

Weekly Photo Challenge: INSIDE