Hello dear friends

I am going to do something different today. Okay so I have been away on holidays and all you good folk have been following my Road Trip which lasted for ten great days. Now, it’s time for another fork in the road.

I discovered this site on WordPress called The Daily Post.Wordpress.com in which one is given ideas for blog posts so I decided to subscribe to it.

Oh folks, there is always room for a change so now and again I will be following the prompting of The Daily Post to entertain you (I hope!) Come with me on this new journey. No, it is NOT a travelling journey so get your mind into gear and get ‘with it” NOW!   Okay … here is the suggestion for today:

“Grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind.”

You know when you undertake a task like this, that it is not going to turn out well! Immediately, I began to worry: “just say if I get a silly word? Can I change it and look at a different page? Or does honesty rule and one has to be faithful to what one found?”

It seems my concerns were legitimate because I went to my book shelf and found “Girl by Sea”, I opened the book and counted the words from the top of the page. What word did I get??? I got the following word:


Yes, I got ‘ABOUT!’

Did I deserve to get the word ‘ABOUT?’ No, I do think the universe could have found me something far more interesting but it did not so here we go.

What does this image bring to mind for me?

33Well, immediately i see it as one of those ‘thought bubbles’ that you find in cartoons to depict a thought or a word. I can see that thought bubble coming out of my mouth (or my head) saying: “Do you know it’s all ABOUT ME?” However, that doesn’t sound too nice does it?

Therefore, let’s make the bubble say: “I am going to tell you 10 things ABOUT ME that you may not know.” Be prepared for some in-depth stuff here friends. Ready … set … go.

  1. I am a person who talks far too much and as hard as I try to be quieter, I NEVER succeed. It is the bane of my life folks!

  2. I entered a novitiate to become a nun when I was almost 20 years old because I felt a call to dedicate my life to God and to help others.

  3. Two years later almost to the date, I left because I felt it was not where I was meant to be. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.

  4. Considering I talk a lot, I did manage to keep the silence of the convent. HOW I will never know!! It just felt right and I loved that aspect of my life there.

  5. It never worried me that I would not have children as I had so many nieces and nephews already that I felt satisfied maternally.

  6. When I did meet my husband and we decided to have children, I felt NO maternal instincts whatsoever but he did!

  7. Once I became a mother, that maternal instinct hit me like a sledge-hammer and it has never left me since.

  8. Regardless of the fact that I talk a lot, I know how to keep secrets. I’ve had a lot of people confide very personal things to me and they stay in the vault. I was told a secret about a surprise three weeks ago and I was tested but I managed to keep the secret until the event happened. The family was amazed!

  9. When I left the convent, I wondered  if I’d made the biggest mistake of my life, but after three months I never looked back and knew I had made the right decision. However, for many years I had recurrent dreams that I was back there, trying my hardest to fit in and make it right.

  10. About ten years ago, these dreams ceased completely. Through the years I had tried to understand what the insistent call to enter the convent (and later to leave) was ABOUT (see there’s that word again: ABOUT!) With the wisdom of age, I am simply grateful that it happened because it matured me and made me the person I am today. I am no longer trying to fit in!

So there you have it dear friends: ALL ABOUT ME! Some things that define me and to make it even more interesting, I have included a picture below that tells you even more about me … enjoy! And yes, I do think that all these things ABOUT ME are true …