Hello dear friends

Ah … I can hear the noises of HOME as I sit here at my computer and write. As hard as it was to leave Kingaroy this morning and head home, once we got here it was such a feeling of comfort to have everything handy and to feel … well … AT HOME! Yes, it was a Return to the Comfort of Home.

It was a four-hour journey with stops for sustenance and photos and whatever else took our fancy. Perhaps we were putting off the inevitable? But, we were determined to enjoy the journey and not let go of our mini Road Trip until we drove our van up the driveway of our home.

Was the trip everything we hoped it would be? YES!!! … and more.

Our road trip had culminated in Kingaroy, a town of about 7,600 people, three hours drive north-west of Brisbane, where we stayed for two nights. There was nothing amazing about this small town, but the sky was blue and the weather warm so we were out and about looking around and visiting things like the town Museum where we learned a lot about the place.

And yes, there was a lot of information about peanuts too: the person who started growing them in 1920 and old machinery that was used to harvest and manufacture them in the past. Everything you might want to know about peanuts was in that museum!

'Taste' which is set in the grounds of the Butter Factory

‘Taste’ which is set in the grounds of the Butter Factory

While there, we were recommended to go to a place called ‘Taste’ at an old Butter Factory for morning tea so off we went with high hopes for something delicious. We were not disappointed. Besides, this place was a central location for tasting the produce of the region and we took full advantage of it. I wrote in my travel journal on Wednesday:

“A late morning tea with cake culminated in some sampling of the produce of ‘Taste’. We tasted garlic and pepper cheese, olives, pickled onions and of course, PEANUTS. We should have stopped there … really we should have known better, but no! We proceeded to taste seven different flavours of fudge. Yes, I did say: FUDGE: SEVEN flavours of fudge! It was made by the proprietor of Taste.

What were we thinking? But this fudge left us longing for more. Flavours like: lemon, liquorice, lavender, peanut choc, mango, vanilla and Bailey’s were the seven we tasted. I promptly bought five blocks for $20. It was not greed folks, it was a case of taking advantage of the most amazing fudge we had ever tasted!

I do not regret it either. I refuse to regret it!  However, we did refuse the offer of wine tasting afterwards … that was going a bit too far after all that sampling. We staggered out of that place as it was, without the need of wine.”

The thing we loved most of all about our stay in Kingaroy was that we caught up with a friend of the family who was managing a motel there for two weeks. I always think that it is serendipitous moments like this that make a trip special. I love it when all the planets align and what you dream of happening, actually happens.

In fact, there were lots of serendipitous moments on this little mini trip and for that, I feel most grateful. As I write this post today, I cannot help but be full of gratitude. To think, we were going off to Ayers Road (Uluru) on a five-week trip and cancelled it at the last moment due to family commitments and other things.

You know, I thought I would be disappointed, but instead it seemed as if God was saying: “I will give them some surprises because they listened to ME” and then proceeded to give us many great surprises everywhere we went. Oh, I just love it when things occur this way … out of the ordinary and totally unplanned by an unseen Hand.

Little Maddie when we caught up with her at Kirra

Little Maddie looks over the table at us in Kirra

So today as I return to the routine of life, I am filled to the brim with thankfulness. It couldn’t have worked out better if I had planned it all in such detail myself. Here it is again:

  • Broadwater where we spent some lovely time with friends Ann & Rod from Adelaide, and even managed a lunch catch-up with our grandchildren who were holidaying nearby.
  • Mt Tyson, property of Ashley and Dawn, where we were welcomed so warmly and shared life with a wonderful family on the land. We promised to come back for a week and ‘mind’ their farm so they could go on a holiday without worry. Amazing people!
  • Journeying through the country to Kingaroy where we spent some time with Naomi at the motel and saw fabulous museums including a Timber Museum at the little town of Wondai 30ks north of Kingaroy that a friend recommended to me on Facebook.

But oh … gee … gosh … it sure is good to RETURN TO THE COMFORT OF HOME …

Rod and Ann and Geoff after breakfast at a Broadwater cafe.

Rod and Ann and Geoff after breakfast at the Broadwater