Hello dear friends

This afternoon, we arrived in Kingaroy, a small town near the Bunya Mountains, after a long slow trip on inferior roads from Ashley and Dawn’s property at Mt. Tyson. It’s Peanut Country here … plenty of peanuts growing!

Tired after travelling for most of the day, we’re looking forward to flopping into bed after tea and sleeping the sleep of exhaustion. But first, I must let you in on what we’ve been doing these last few days while my blog has lain silent due to too much activity.

 Mon 9th September 2013

 We’ve woken up this morning to a country view. Ashley and Dawn have a huge property: crops like barley, oats and chick peas as well as some cattle; whatever it takes to make money. They have thousands of acres here! Ashley showed us around yesterday and we were amazed at the expensive machinery needed to keep this place operational.


 What an adventure we are having here in the country! I never imagined that a conversation for an hour with a young couple at South Bank would lead to this. Ashley and Dawn (with their four girls) have opened their arms and their home to us and we are amazed by it.  We are years apart in age, yet we have so much in common we can hardly believe it.

 Geoff went off with Ashley doing property ‘stuff’ while I did the after school dance run to Pittsworth with Dawn and her girls. It was late afternoon when we were driving home and I saw the most amazing sunset that seemed to go on and on. Dawn said “Oh, but they’re always like this!” It was all ‘ho hum’ to her.

 Every time we rounded a bend or come over the hill we had another colourful vista that extended all along the mountains. You can only get sunsets like this in the country folks! Even in the day it’s an amazing landscape of sundrenched wheat brown fields with mountains off in the distance, but these evening sunsets leading to night, set a totally different mood over the land.

 Tues 10th September 2013

 It is afternoon now and we’re on the home straight to Kingaroy. We left Ashley and Dawn late morning without too much fanfare. Ashley said his goodbyes earlier and went off to bail hay and feed cattle.

 Meanwhile Dawn, totally exhausted after a busy week and two small sick children (and then us!) was dozing with the baby asleep in her arms whilst watching kid’s cartoons with the 3-year-old as well. We popped our heads in and said our goodbyes and headed off. Quite an anti-climax after all our socialising with them!

 It was good to be on the road again. Our first stop was at the little town of Oakey not fair away: we  were in desperate need of a cuppa and a piece of my brandy fruit cake to sustain us for the journey. Onwards we went.

 Country roads. Fields sun-bleached and dry. Small towns so quiet on a week day, that they seemed like ghost towns. Always a country pub (hotel) open with a lone drinker within. The small town of Cooyar: a town we visited some years ago for a Blues Festival only to discover it was a bikies fundraiser. What an experience!

 We stood out like sore thumbs amongst those outrageous bikies they stared at us, the only ‘normal’ people amongst approximately 300 bikies. But … they were very welcoming despite us not having any tats or piercings! But I digress …

 Next, up a small mountain range and on to Yarraman, a small town my father loved visiting; a stop at Nanango for pies and mushy peas at a bakery; next … on to Kingaroy and our last stop.


 Here we are at Kingaroy! Two nights at the Showground Caravan Park: rough and ready but a tad cheaper for us pensioners. Always looking for a bargain … my father would be proud of me!

 As I sit here at the showgrounds, the afternoon is closing in and there are plenty of clouds on the horizon. We experienced some of that .02% of rain that was predicted this morning (hilarious: about 30 spots on our windscreen). A cool breeze is coming in, the shadows are lengthening and we are glad we settled in an hour ago.

 Life on the road isn’t easy and by day’s end, one is glad of a fresh pot of coffee and a sit down. It was lovely having company these last two days but I am glad to be on our own tonight. Time and space to enjoy our own company, go to bed early and get up fresh and bright to face another day of adventure on the road.

Well dear friends, that’s it for now. Since I wrote all this up we went and visited a friend who we found out was here managing a motel for two weeks. How’s that for coincidence! You should have seen the look on her face when we turned up this afternoon? What an amazing little road trip this is turning out to be!