Hello dear friends

We’re enjoying coffee from the coffee machine our daughter bought Geoff for Fathers Day as we contemplate packing up to leave tomorrow morning. It’s been wonderful here at the Broadwater: views of the water from the van and friends nearby for a bit of a chat or a catch-up now and again.

However, it’s time to head for a property at Oakey about 300 ks west from here for a change of pace.

But first, I must bring you up to date with our adventures today as taken from my Travel Journal. I sat in the sun after lunch and got it all up to date. I love having a written record so that I can get it out at odd moments and look back on good times spent travelling. Enjoy our last day at The Broadwater Tourist Park.

Sat 7th September 2013        

The hunt for the elusive Slow Cooker is over! One of these rare cookers (it seems) has been found at last. It warranted more trips to shopping malls than Geoff could handle though. Still, it was made easier by the fact that he was looking for a tap fitting and a TV antennae part also.

This obviously is the secret to getting men to shopping centres I’ve found! So finally, Geoff’s quest for parts is over also so there will be no more visits. However,  I did manage to buy a jacket while Geoff was in the hardware this morning finalising his Secret Men’s Business, so I’ve done well.

After our shopping expedition, we took a drive to an area called ‘The Spit’ where we indulged in Fish and Chips for lunch. It’s an interesting area with the still water on one side and the pounding surf of the sea on the other. And, in order to get there, the road divides at one point:: you turn left to the rugged natural landscape that leads to The Spit or you turn right to the glitz, glamour and high-rise apartments of Surfer’s Paradise.

So close to each other … yet worlds apart.

After lunch we decided to take a walk and look at a new jetty at the surf beach nearby. The surf looked brilliant on this sunny day but no one was going onto the jetty. When we got closer I could see why: you had to PAY to go on the jetty! $2.20 to walk on the jetty. $4.40 to fish from the jetty.

Who comes up with these ideas?  Still, there were lots of people fishing from the jetty but I did note that no one was simply walking along it. The man talking the money in the kiosk wasn’t doing great business. Surely, it wasn’t cost-effective to have him there?  We turned around and walked back to our car. The jetty fund would have to survive without relying on us!

So dear friends, it is time to say ‘bye’ for the next couple of days as we head out to a property. Who knows what we may encounter there? Ashley and Dawn have beef cattle and  some crops. Geoff said to him on the phone: “We can’t ride horses so I hope you’re not wanting us to volunteer for anything!”

Who knows what our next adventure will bring? Tune in later  – perhaps Monday – as Ashley and Dawn show us around.