Hello dear friends,

 We’ve settled in very nicely thank you, here at Broadwater Caravan Park and I have been keeping a travel journal of our time so far. Remember how I told you I was looking for a computer to use for my blogging? Well, I have one here! So I will share my journal with you of our time so far. Enjoy! 

 Tues 3rd September 2013-09-05



 The Eagle has landed. No, we’ve not landed on the moon … or Mars for that matte reither. In fact, if I strain my ears I can hear the sound of waves breaking on the sand off in the distance. And if I look out my window I can see the still water of the Broadwater Estuary at Southport.

 It’s a far cry from the moon, but getting this ‘baby’ landed on our camp spot was no mean feat. I’m talking about the Jayco ‘Eagle’ camper-trailer of course. Because it’s not a proper caravan as such (it winds up and beds slide out) it requires a lot of work and effort. 

 Now that we’ve landed it and set things up we can sit back and enjoy ourselves for the next few days. I don’t think we’ll want to leave this place! You see, we have friends staying here and they are good company so we may just keep extending our stay day by day.

 Wednesday 4th September 2013-09-05

 We have woken up to birds chirping and plovers and pelicans vying over catching fish in Loaders creek near us. Lots of fishing by humans goes on here too and people stay at this park just to fish. Not that Geoff wants to do any fishing! He says he is all ‘fished out’ from too much boyhood fishing in his Huckleberry Finn days by the Clarence River. 

 No, we just enjoy eating it the easy way: from a Fish and Chip shop! No art to catching fish that way and never any disappointment. 

 The day is looking a bit ordinary though, with cloud coming and going with a cool breeze blowing in from the sea. Not good for this cold old chook that I am! The hardest decision today is what to do with our day. I fancy a nice long walk along the paths that wind along the creek. Let’s see what the day unfolds.


 Nice in bed after a busy day! Nothing better to do here in our van other than go to bed. The TV isn’t set up and there’s no where comfortable to sit as there is ‘stuff’ everywhere. I said to Geoff: “I don’t know why we didn’t just hitch the house to our car and bring the lot!” We did laugh. Humour and laughter: essential ingredients for a camping holiday.

 Once again, we have brought too much stuff. We went out today looking to buy a slow cooker for the van (as if we need MORE things?) but had no luck. However, we did have some luck when the planets all aligned and we managed to get together to have lunch with son Daniel, wife Belinda and the kids as they are on holidays at Kirra Beach (30 mins away).

 Isaac’s (4) eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw us waiting in the lobby of the resort. It’s nice to be so loved. Maddie (10 months) looked at us as if to say: “How did these two get HERE? They keep popping up in different places.”

 The day has been lovely. It is after all, our 42nd Wedding Anniversary but we were too tired to go out with our friends for dinner as planned. So too were they! The truth is: WE were with family and so too were they … so we both felt content and happy. How much celebrating can one do when you’re our age?? It was enough to clink glasses and say “we’ve survived 42 years!”… then off to bed to sleep.  

 Thursday 5th September 2013-09-05

 It’s lovely sitting up here in bed in the early morning having a cuppa, while looking out on the sun glimmering on the blue water of the Broadwater. We’ve decided to stay another two days … until Sunday. Are we too lazy to pack up or is it just too nice a spot to leave? A bit of both methinks.

 Yesterday was lovely moseying along the roads that go along the sea (as much as possible). Geoff and I have rich memories of this Gold Coast area. Memories of holidays in the sun at nice apartments, camping by the sea with our kids when they were young or just day trips to the beach to escape the Sunday heat in the city. 

 It was a long slow journey though, culminating at Coolangatta on the border, all the while looking for that elusive slow cooker. It wasn’t made any easier by Geoff’s refusal to enter a shopping centre mall either! When he finally did (out of desperation) at Burleigh Heads, we were confronted by a dog tied up outside the entrance to the centre. It was in such distress, that the noise was deafening. Oh, it was awful! 

 All thoughts of having coffee in the café next to the shrieking and howling dog were dismissed and we kept walking to find somewhere quieter. The poor café owner would have missed a lot of business that day! 

 Life is full of such moments isn’t it? You know, when a decision made by one person to leave their young dog and walk inside the centre, causes no distress to them but it causes massive distress to everyone else that passes by… including the café owner and customers. However, it was gone when we left an hour later.

Well dear friends, I am amazed that I have managed to cut and paste this from a Word document that I typed earlier onto this computer at $2 for 20 minutes! I think I’ve done it. The next lot of adventures coming soo