Bring-Back-the-Queensland-Road-Trip-logoHello dear friends

Finally we are packing up to go away for a mini road trip for a couple of weeks. We had planned a big trip to central Australia but too many things have popped up and so we have postponed that delightful trip until May next year. Too much to explain … you’ll just have to trust me!

Everybody can weep at this juncture …

The obligatory fruit cake that I always make to take with us is made and packed up ready to give us some refreshment when we need it. Lots of Brandy (usually rum but I’m out of it) poured over the cake whilst warm is the secret to a moist fruit cake.

Now, don’t panic that that’s too much alcohol folks … the alcohol evaporates on standing and leaves a lovely flavour. 

Looking out at the Broadwater from the caravan park

Looking out at the Broadwater from the caravan park

The van is packed up to the brim with groceries, clothes and of course, the Coffee Machine that Maria brought for her father for Father’s Day. And yes, I am going to benefit greatly from this recent addition. Love a good coffee!

The Road Trip Plan:

  • Four days by the sea at a lovely place called ‘The Broadwater’ which is only 35 minutes drive from where we live … yet it could be a world away thanks to its wonderful location by the sea. We have friends staying there and so we hope to catch up as they live in Adelaide and come across to the Sunshine State every winter to escape the cold. We met on a cruise to Hawaii where we were placed at the same table every night for 35 days.  How great was that!
  • Two nights on a property near the little town of Oakey (about two hours west of here) . You see we got talking to a
    The coutryside around Oakey

    The coutryside around Oakey

    couple six weeks ago whilst waiting for our daughter at South Bank and we become firm friends. Next minute, they are inviting us to camp with our van on their property, hopefully near the river.

  • For the next five days, it’s ‘Anything Goes’. Who knows where we might end up. Roma? Kingaroy? It will be a surprise even to us!

Have you taken all that in now?

It is Spring here in Australia and because we live in the sub-tropics, when Spring hits, it warms up in the daytime immediately … perhaps a jacket at night though will be order. I have even shaved my legs ready to wear a swim suit and perhaps bathe in the sea? Or is that going a bit too far? Maybe.

Come along and share the experience with us for it’s time for us to get going … however, there is ONE warning. Unfortunately, my lap-top is experiencing difficulties and I haven’t been able to fix it before leaving. I can get all my programs except WordPress for my blog! Can you believe this?  Therefore, I will just have to blog wherever I can find a computer to use. Watch for it. It’s a leap of faith dear friends.

Everyone can applaud now and wish us luck on our travels. Talk soon …