Hello dear friends …

At the moment I can look out my bedroom window and see our Australian native Parrot Tree covered in masses of red buds. I’ve not seen the tree so lush in a long time. By spring the buds will bloom and there will be red flowers all over that tree.

flame-tree_71It’s a native tree which we bought as a tiny sapling from the local council 38 years ago. Oh, how it has grown and blossomed since then!  And by next week, there will be so many colourful parrots in that tree drinking the nectar from the flowers that you won’t be able to hear yourself think! There is a belief that it intoxicates the birds. Thank God we’re leaving for our holiday on Tuesday; we may just avoid the cufuful outside.

Still, they are very pleasing to the eye (if not the ear) and we’ve enjoyed many delights in spring whilst having a cuppa in bed and watching these Italians of the bird world all talking at once with no one listening! Not that it flowers every year … for it doesn’t. It requires certain conditions to flower – like lots of rain months earlier – or else it remains barren until better conditions prevail.

We may not see any parrots around for months but as soon as the tree flowers, they arrive in droves, with their bags packed ready to stay for the duration. Is it instinct or do these birds pass on the information to the others by means of a Bush Telegraph? You know, word of mouth? Or in this case ‘noise of beak!’

You often see these parrots in public places trying to get your food and they are vicious!

You often see these parrots in public places trying to get your food and they are vicious!


They screech and chatter so loud, surely it must mean something? They seem to have blues and barneys (Australian speak for fights!) right before your very eyes. It’s like they need a referee sent in to sort them out.  Still, they do LOOK beautiful in all their bright colours and there is never a dull moment when you watch them interacting.

But … are we human beings a bit like these parrots perhaps, when we get together for a feast? We dress up and look our best but sometimes our behaviour leaves a lot to be desired as the evening unfolds! In fact, I have a theory about people which comes to mind here. Let me explain.

Sometimes, you see people who are beautiful, both in looks and dress. On first sight you are transfixed by their beauty. Then they open their mouth and what comes forth is so unexpected, you almost gasp in disappointment! How could you have been so blind?!

“All that glitters is not gold” comes to mind.

As we get older, our disappointment fades a little because we do understand  that everything is not as it appears. And the opposite is also true: sometimes someone of little beauty confounds us when they begin to speak. Their inner beauty shines forth. You see, I found a saying on Facebook today and it fitted in perfectly with this post I had already written: A beautiful face doesn’t mean anything without a beautiful heart.

1005684_557592104277203_234659405_nIt is lovely when you find both in a person. So perhaps these beautiful lorikeets, in their colourful costumes, are beautiful to behold … but only from a distance. Get close to them and hear their argumentative rantings and one just wants to run away!  The same is true with people. Look first for the beautiful heart and one will view people’s faces in a different light.

Sometimes, it takes time to find out just how beautiful the hearts of people can be, but over time we come to see that interacting with them is a delight and a pleasure. Seek them out dear friends and include them in your life.

Now you can see why I am so grateful to these lovely parrots, for they do teach us about people and about life … and remind us to look for the beautiful heart.