Hello dear friends,

Just a quick post today. It’s been a mixed bag of a day so far but one thing is certain: you can get sick for love on one occasion, but when it happens on the second occasion, it’s damn right ridiculous!

I found this on my Facebook feed and had a good laugh.

I found this on my Facebook feed. I don’t think this applies to me!

Yep, it’s happened again and I’m now recovering from a flu virus that Violet (7) passed ever so kindly on to me on Sunday when she stayed here. Poor little thing, and no mother in sight … all she had was Grandma. At least I’m not vomiting and thinking I’d die like last week. I’ll be just fine after a good rest today.

Speaking of Violet I wanted to share with you a discussion I had with her on Sunday when she was here. Alice and I had been reminiscing about the years they lived in Sydney and how we tried to meet up every three months one way or another. We laughed about all the good times and the funny times.

I reminded Violet of the time we had met up at the beach town of Coffs Harbour. Maria and the girls had come up from Sydney to a Coffs Harbour (8 hrs drive north) and Geoff and I had driven four hours south to spend a week together. It had been a lovely holiday with Daniel, Belinda and Isaac joining us too for four days.

As we were packing the car, I was leaning over the boot and Violet (four at the time and very high-spirited) lunged herself at me and bit me on the backside through my jeans! I jumped up in fright. It hurt!

Well, I reacted very quickly and swiftly with some discipline of my own … and it did involve a stern voice. She got such a fright she ran to her mother in tears.

She had never seen this side of Grandma before. This vicious mean, horrible Grandma!with the stern voice. However, within minutes we had made up and Violet and Grandma had a deep and meaningful about the ethics of biting Grandmas right there on the rock wall beside our car.

Hugs and kisses were in order and when she left we were ‘best buds’ once again. Oh, what an end to a wonderful week and we were never sure what prompted it as she loved me and kept telling me so.

As I told Violet about this situation when she ‘bit me on the bottom’ she was mortified and put her hand over her mouth in horror saying: “Oh no Grandma, I don’t remember about that.” As we sat around the tea-table laughing about her parting gift to me, I asked “Why did you think you should bite me Violet?” We were all floored as she replied with a sad look on her face:

Because Grandma” she said, “I didn’t want you to leave.”

Oh, so this was the BITE you get for love then? Who says children aren’t good at come backs?