Hello dear friends

I’ve done it! I’ve had a mad crazy mixed up 24 hours of fun and I have arrived home to that ‘let down’ feeling that one has when coming back to earth after flying to the moon and back.

Flying to the moon

Flying to the moon

Oh, but I have loved every moment of it! As we speak, I am writing in between cooking old apples which were looking a bit worse for wear with crinkled skin sagging at the edges (a bit like my chins and eyelids) and cooking cauliflower cheese … you know, to have with left-overs from Thursday night’s dinner of sausage and lentil casserole to be precise.

Of course, I wasn’t here last night was I? No, I was with my daughter and her children Alice (12) and Violet (7). I was eating far better things than left-overs folks. And even Geoff, who was alone at home, took one look at the left-overs and promptly went out and bought himself an Indian take-away meal.  Good choice Geoff.

But you cannot escape those left-overs … they’re on the menu tonight!

As for us girls, we had a main course of Dagwood Dogs. Dessert was a Strawberry Sundae followed half an hour later by a Devonshire Tea in the Country Women’s Association (CWA) Rooms.  So, what exactly were we doing you might ask?

Come on now folks … can’t you guess?? Where else would you have foods like those I’ve just mentioned? There’s only ONE place isn’t there?

At the EKKA … of course!

(To find out what ‘the Ekka’ is all about read my last blog: tessross.wordpress.com/remembering-the-ekka/

 I’m not even going to try to tell the story of our evening at the Ekka, except to say that I wish everyone could have such good fun as I did. I cannot believe the difference it makes when you go to the local show accompanied by small children! Someone should have told me folks because I had forgotten. It reminds me of the picture I put on Facebook yesterday:

“If you haven’t grown up by age 50 … you don’t have to!” I have to say I don’t think I’ve grown up at all after I look back on the fun I’ve been having in the last 24 hours.

994569_400045323439074_1765281933_nSeeing the Ekka through the eyes of my grandchildren meant that when they went on a Guitar ride (which I mistook as a ‘bland’ sort of ride) I felt every thrill as they twirled around and around. In fact, it was so violent that their mother and I were in the horrors, turning away from looking at times, as this ‘bland’ ride turned into a nightmare!

It was so bad that I even asked the odd-looking man running the ride when it would end as we were worried about our 7-year-old. He looked at me strangely and said: “She’s having a great time, look at her. Anyway, it’s about to end soon,” which turned out to be a blatant lie as Maria and I endured another five whole minutes of torture as we wrung our hands and covered our eyes.

But he was right about her having a great time however. When the ride ended, she came running over grinning from ear to ear crying out “Wasn’t that incredible!! I want another go!!!” Maria and I picked ourselves up off the floor and were speechless. We were shocked that Violet had survived. Never again said Maria. What were we thinking letting Violet on it?

All this was followed by eating fairy floss, buying dolls on sticks, deciding on showbags and watching ‘Ekka Ignites’ in the Grandstand. No longer called by its old name of ‘The Fireworks’ we were brought up to date by the use of lasers and kites flying in the air with fireworks coming out of their tails and all manner of other fascinating fireworks.

Dodgem Cars were another treat for the girls as Maria and I stood by and breathed a sigh of relief that no one was flying through the air this time! “Can we do it again?” came the cry … and so they hopped in the cars and did it all over again.

You meet all kinds of people at the bus stop!

You meet all kinds of people at the bus stop!

But … before we knew it, it was time to leave and catch the bus home, but the fun was not over yet. Standing in the queue next to us at the bus stop was a family from Saudi Arabia who are studying here. I made a point of talking to them which led to Violet befriending their little girl called ‘Myer.’ For the next 30 minutes lots of fun and laughter followed and the time passed effortlessly.

Myer told me “I was not born in Australia, but I have lived here for 100 years!’ (she is five) to which we all fell about laughing. Violet and Myer continued the friendship all the way home on the bus until we got out at our stop. Waving was vigorous. Best friends parting.

Dear friends, sometimes the best part of the evening occurs when you are on your way home and something unforeseen happens. 

It reminded me of the young woman I met from Saudi Arabia last September when we were lined up to catch a ferry home after watching fireworks on South Bank. She was studying here in Brisbane for two years. After an intense conversation for about an hour while we sheltered from the rain, we parted with hugs and kisses and mobile phone numbers;  she is now my Facebook friend! See how you meet people in the dying moments of a great night out?

Seize the day dear friends … is all I can say. Make the most of your life. Catch glimpses and seize opportunities to make a difference in the life of a visitor to our shores, or to engage in wonderful conversation with a stranger when you are forced to wait endlessly for public transport on a busy night.

Now, I must face reality dear friends and bring my writings to an end. Time to come down to earth and stop reveling in a day spent with ALL my grandchildren at a shopping centre … having MORE fun. What a 24 hours it has been flying to the moon and back!

Oh … is that the oven alarm ringing telling me my cauliflower cheese is ready? Move over left-overs here comes the Cauliflower Cheese to brighten up your day!