national bookshop day

Hello dear friends

Don’t you just love a ‘Cosy Corner’ in a Bookshop where you can get comfortable and check out the book you may want to buy? I do. It brings back some good memories of past times.

You see, I have just found out that Saturday was Celebrate National Bookshop Day and I couldn’t wait to put something in writing about it.  This annual event is a celebration of Australian bookshops and a recognition of the role bookshops play in local communities.

This was ME as a child ... always reading.

This was ME as a child … always reading.

There is something about bookshops that I love. As long as I can remember I have loved both libraries and bookshops … anywhere in fact that houses books. I should have known way back when I was a child, that I should be doing something associated with books. Guess what? It has only taken me almost sixty years to make this dream come true!

What took me so long folks?

Perhaps I felt I had to have a ‘real job’ and that reading and writing and anything else to do with books did not constitute a money-making proposition. But I never thought about  occupations in a library or in the publishing industry. It never once crossed my mind.

But now that I have retired from all that ‘real work’ I have the satisfaction of pursuing my real love: BOOKS … and WRITING of course.

Last week one part of my dream came true when I finished my Diploma of Publishing, Proofreading and Editing. I have now had some work as an editor and more is coming along in dribs and drabs. What a journey it has been! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would arrive at this place.

Dear friends, if I can’t own a Bookshop, the next best thing is to work with anything to do with books. So yes, I want to celebrate National Bookshop Day today … a bit late … but better later than never.

In fact, what got me started on this topic was an article I read about Bookshops on the Starts at Sixty website which informed me it was National Bookshop Day. If you want to read all about celebrating books go to this link; it’s a great read:

Vivienne Beddoe who wrote the article poses some good questions:

  1. Have you a favourite bookshop?
  2. What, in your  opinion, makes a good bookshop? 
  3. Are bookshops going to be a thing of the past, fond memories of old folks?

Great questions Vivienne! Methinks they deserve some answers so here goes:

Clarence Corner Book Shop

My new discovery: The Clarence Corner Book Shop

1. Have you a favourite bookshop?

Firstly I do have a favourite bookshop albeit a new one that I discovered recently. You may remember me writing about The Clarence Corner Bookshop and Cafe which I found when i happened to be in an inner city area. I never expected to find such an amazing Bookshop so full of  second-hand books that I could spend a whole day there. I find myself pining to go back again very shortly and I will stay much longer next time.

2.  What, in your  opinion, makes a good bookshop? 

A good bookshop for me, must have a ‘Cosy Corner’ where you can sit in a comfortable armchair and have a good look at a book you may want to buy. It doesn’t have to serve coffee although I think that adding coffee would be an enticement I could barely refuse folks!

hard to find books

“It’s not that they are really RARE books, it’s that our inventory is in such disarray they’re hard to locate …”

Now here is an interesting thing. Down the end of my street is a second-hand shop which belongs to a charity: The Salvation Army. This shop sells all manner of things, but it has an amazing range of books. However, the best thing about it is this: they have a COSY CORNER! I sat there recently in a beautiful big Armchair tucked away in a private area (complete with a lovely lamp) to have a look at a recipe book and take some time out. 

All I need now is a coffee, I thought to myself that day. When I went back a couple of weeks later, I was delighted that they now had added an area for coffee! They must have read my mind … and I promptly told them so.

This is a great place for me to escape to on Monday afternoons when I’ve finished my big housecleaning for the day and I feel the need to get out for half an hour. Now, I have THE perfect place to escape to … complete with coffee; my two favourite things.

3.  Are bookshops going to be a thing of the past, fond memories of old folks?

Oh, I do hope that Bookshops never become a thing of the past; not in MY lifetime anyway. While I know that  bookshops are closing everywhere and we cannot escape a changing world, I do hope some specialty shops will always remain.  I cannot imagine a world where books cease to be printed! No. I CANNOT and WILL NOT imagine it folks. In fact, I know a lot of young people who love books in exactly the same way as I did as a child.

So dear friends the hope that books and bookshops will continue, remains ever with me …

And so, I believe that we MUST celebrate Bookshop Day every year! We must make sure that Bookshops remain and do our bit – whatever that may be – to help them continue on for a long time to come.

I relate to this as we are in Election mode at present.

I relate to this as we are in Election mode at present … yep pure fantasy!