Thanks Michaela

Remember this award?

Hello dear friends,

Today I am going to address The Beautiful Mama Blog Award that Michaela over at the nominated me for this week. Instead of giving the three things I love about motherhood (as per the rules) I am going to share my latest tale of time spent with my children and grandchildren since yesterday.

It’s why I love being a mother/grandmother Here goes folks … let’s tell the story. Are you with me?

You see, I arrived home today after spending the night with various grandchildren and as I sat down to have some sustenance I gave a sigh. and a long “Aaaah …. ” came out of my mouth as I felt the comfort, deep down, of being home at last.

Have you ever had a 24 hours that seems like days instead of hours? Well, I’ve just had one of these folks! I had killed two birds with one stone: first a visit to my youngest two grandchildren (my son and his wife) on the way to spending the night c887a3a615c83154e47bcf1d1be72d2awith my daughter and my two other grandchildren who live nearby. Their father is in the army in Timor Leste.

Let me just say this first: I LOVE spending time with my grandchildren! It’s like making memories that will stay with them for life but it’s also nice having an influence on them … loving them, chatting with them … as they soak everything up that you tell them. And every week that I go and stay overnight (as I have been this last month) I think to myself “I’m too old for this!” and then I return the next week longing for more!

Love … love … love it!

As usual, I was on the bus as I do not like driving far afield and when I arrived at my daughter-in-law’s house a bit earlier than expected, there was no one at home. So, always creative in my thinking, I found two large bags of potting mix sitting on top of one another in a corner which was protected from the icy wind. I plonked myself down on the bags to wait it out.

What a sight I must have been, sitting on potting mix in a corner of the driveway when Belinda and the children arrived home ten minutes later!

Isaac (4) saw me and was so excited he could hardly contain himself. When I told him I’d caught the bus, he looked puzzled. “Grandma, why didn’t you come in the brown ‘Mitzy’ ? (Geoff’s car: a Mitsubishi) It was clear he couldn’t make sense of it from all the questions: “Why was I on the bus? How did I get to the bus?”

This could be my next career move perhaps?

This could be my next career move perhaps?

This continued on. Every now and again he would ask me another question. In the end, I explained the whole scenario to him. How I drove the BLUE Mitzy to the bus station and THEN caught the bus. He wasn’t convinced BUT later on, he came to me as if he had finally figured it out and said:

“Grandma, did you DRIVE the bus to our house?”

Oh no! was I THAT amazing in his eyes? Poor Isaac, he was racking his brains for an answer. Again, I tried to explain,  “Actually no, I SAT on the bus and someone else drove it.” Finally, with light dawning he said to me as if speaking to himself, “You SAT on the bus Grandma.” Then he said “I sat on an Aquaduck once ...”

Finally, he understood. He had indeed been for a ride on a Aquaduck bus when he was on holidays last year!

Once he understood, baths and dinner followed with Grandma helping out. Maddie (9 months) has lost her shyness now and was eager for laughs and giggles and kept trying to catch my eye as she crawled everywhere Isaac and I went. If I picked her up she insisted she wanted to be on the floor crawling. An independent woman in the making perhaps?

Meanwhile, Maria and her two girls arrived and off we went to their house … but there was to be no respite for this grandmother.


The acquaduck bus Isaac experienced

Alice (12) had girlfriend dramas happening at school and it continued on via technology when she got home. I left her to it and attacked the homework with Violet (7). Good practice really; I think I’ll pass Grade One now after that effort. But Alice did fill me in later before bed and I was so confused as to who said what, that I struggled with the right responses, but she didn’t seem to even notice my slowness. At least she didn’t think I was so clever I could DRIVE the bus!

You see, I was doing the ‘Grandma Dance … ‘

I’ve done a lot of this kind of dancing in the last 24 hours dear friends. It’s a dance that one only learns when one becomes a grandmother. I think the ‘Mother Dance’ is a different dance altogether. It’s a more frenzied and desperate dance.

The ‘Grandma Dance’ is a slow rhythmic dance which ebbs and flows according to the whim of the grandchild. If one feels a bit tired, it’s a dance that one knows will end pretty soon . The Mother Dance just goes on and on like dancing to a broken record that’s stuck in the groove. It is punctuated by falling into bed exhausted only to start-up again early the next morning.

The Grandma Dance ends suddenly when one goes home. It enables you to sit down and sigh with a long “Aaaah …. “ coming out of your mouth. It gives you time to recover and remember the wonderful memories one has been busy making in the last 24 hours.

It’s a Dance that reinvigorates you and makes you long for more. In comparison the Mother Dance is far more constant and makes you long for a break in the task of child-rearing that sometimes seems to go on and on.

And dear friends … the Mother Dance can continue more easily if there is someone – close to the mother and father – doing a Grandma Dance to help them out now and then.

And that dear friends, is the story of my last 24 hours; you wonder why I love being a mother/grandmother? Where else can you find stories like these?

Mummy-and-Ava4And to finish this post today, let me nominate another lovely mama for the same award. Go and visit Amy, over at who I have been following for a while now. She is an Australian with one small daughter and is pregnant with her second child and always has lovely things on her blog.

Amy says on her page: “ I’m a big fan of coffee, cupcakes and high tea.  I adore fashion and style, and enjoy finding ways to make everyday outfits colourful and fun.  I love finding beautiful things, whether it’s a gorgeous candle for the house, a luscious lipstick or a fab piece of jewellery.”

Congratulations to this ‘Beautiful Mama’!