Hello dear friends

Okay enough already … now it’s RAINING awards! What’s going on here? The universe has erupted and is dishing out more nice things for my blog and I will not refuse them … but really? It’s almost too much. I am overwhelmed dear friends and I’m not sure how I should respond. Humbled … is a word that comes to mind. Delighted … is another word.


This is how I feel … humbled.

But firstly it would be remiss of me not to thank Tazein – yet again – who nominated me for FIVE awards … at once!  Remember she nominated me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award earlier. Thank you so much dear Tazein. Check out her lovely blog where she shares from the heart at transcendingbordersblog.wordpress.com.  

As if this wasn’t enough, I came to my computer Tuesday morning and found I had been nominated for yet ANOTHER Award by Michaela over at fivemsblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/the-beautiful-mama-blog-award/.  Go visit her wonderful family blog and give her a big hug and a comment while you are there. She is such a good mama. Thank you Michaela! I will address this award and the rules in a separate blog later.

Now, where was I with all this? Overwhelmed … yes of course.

Let’s look at this further and get into the nitty-gritty of what’s on my mind. You see there are rules governing being nominated for these Awards eg you must nominate others for the same award. So this is where I am at:

1.  I still haven’t ‘obeyed’ all the rules by nominating others for the very first award “Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.” Does this make me a very bad person folks? Well, just an ordinary bad person then?

Guilty as charged. Time is the problem folks. 

2.  Something amazing is taking place within me due to receiving this first award. Because I passed on the nomination to just ONE person: Michaela at the mmmmms (with a promise of more to come) I have got to know Michaela so much better; same with Tazein at Transcending Borders and that is really good. I love it!

Okay okay … I WILL nominate more people so I can get to know them too! Promise.

3.  I have watched with amazement, the knock-on effect that the nominations for these awards has brought to others in the nomination process. To read of the excitement others have received at being nominated, warms my heart. Such a small thing can work wonders.

Yes dear friends we all want appreciation for what we do.

AJ's lovely art work

AJ’s lovely art work

4.  I have had messages from bloggers I would never had known existed if I had not been nominated for these awards which made them find me. I have visited their sites and now have more new friends! The reverberations never stop.

So yes folks, the penny is dropping about why we nominate bloggers for awards. So we can pass on encouragement and the feel good factor!

With all this now out of my system, I will show the logo for the Awards (at the end of this post) and I will nominate one more person today for the  Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. I want to nominate:

AJ who lives on the Isle of Wight and has a blog where she shares her art journal designs. I just love looking at her beautiful art work and it gives me a lift every time she posts something new. Perhaps she should design some Blogger Awards?? See more of her work over at:  ajsartjournal.wordpress.com/

 Are you as confused as I am dear friends about all this? Let me explain further; here is the list of my Awards to date:

  1. Wonderful Team Member Readership Award
  2. Five Awards: The Versatile Blogger, Awesome Blog Content Award, Inner Peace Award, Sunshine Award, Most Influential Blogger Award
  3. Beautiful Mama Blog Award

So I will do my duty and give the Logos for these Awards and say ‘God Bless those lovely bloggers‘ who nominated me and made my day! Nominations for other bloggers is coming … watch this space!

My very first Award

My very first Award

Thanks Tazein

The next five Awards were my second lot of Awards


Thanks Tazein


Thanks Tazein


Thanks Tazein


Thanks Tazein

Thanks Tazein

Thanks Tazein

My third Award

Thanks Michaela

Thanks Michaela