The family gathers for Violet’s birthday (in pink) ; I am in the stripe shirt

Hello dear friends

Some days just turn out perfect don’t they?This is what happened yesterday when we spent a lovely day with the family celebrating our granddaughter’s seventh birthday at a city park … with an adventure playground that children adore! Good food, great company and lots of fun.

It is a past memory now and I can’t believe that another day is fast coming to an end. How quickly life goes by! At least I can now look back and see how much housework I have achieved today. Mind you, it didn’t feel that way earlier in the day when I had my morning tea outside in the sunshine. In fact, I was tempted to stay there for the rest of the day and do absolutely NOTHING … but my messy house called me ever onwards.

Still, it didn’t stop me from taking my Poppy Journal with me so I could write:

Monday 5th August 2013

“As I sit out in the sun on this beautiful winter’s morning, I am looking at pot plants scattered around one of our small gardens. After a busy weekend socialising, it is lovely to be out amongst nature as I enjoy my tea in a proper cup and saucer; part of a set of four English cups and saucers I bought at a garage sale over ten years ago.

The basil beside the azalea bushes

The basil beside the azalea bushes

I remember the day with fondness. It was whilst visiting a pretty little heritage town called Bangalow, a little over an hour’s drive south from where I live, that I came across the teacups for sale in someone’s backyard. It’s items like these – which I bought for a song – that continue to give me pleasure long after the purchase was made.

But today, my attention has been captured by a large pot of basil as I wonder what it is doing out here amongst three pots of flowering azaleas. The name ‘Sacred Basil’ comes to mind. Why is it called ‘sacred’ I wonder? It doesn’t look too sacred here in the backyard as it’s a little moth-eaten in parts and it is sharing the pot with some curly parsley. 

Still, as I pinch off a leaf and put it to my nose to smell, I am in awe of its pungent smell. I can visualise – and I can almost taste it too – spaghetti sauce full of fresh tomatoes and lots of these verdant green basil leaves thrown in before serving … torn by hand not cut with a knife.

Every good cook knows this … right? No?! Well you know it now.

My backyard with the cup and saucer  and the sacred basil behind. Note too the clothes swaying in the breeze.

My backyard with the cup and saucer and the sacred basil behind. Note too the clothes swaying in the breeze.

Today I am amazed at how much I am really appreciating this sacred basil. I’m sure Geoff has placed it in this spot because of the sun. Our yard is reluctant to give up its shade because of all the trees we have planted. But not this spot! It has been spared as the sun shines down.

Just picture the scene dear friends ….

The washing on the line blows gently in the breeze. The Lantana is flowering nearby, sitting erect with their tiny mauve flowers glowing. The sun beats down from a cloudless sky of deep blue.

The older woman (moi) sits on an old kitchen chair nearby and delights in it all. The house inside is still a mess but she is not moved to get up and leave this place. Not yet anyway. Time in the midst of housework to do a little dreaming; time to sit and ponder.’

I know keep down that this is just a few moments snatched from my cleaning frenzy and I should simply enjoy them. Time enough to venture back into the cold house and attack my blue rugs with a stiff broom to dispose of cat hair from a beloved Himalayan Persian. Time enough to vacuum and dust.

Could housework actually be spiritual I wonder, as I drink the last dregs of my tea and take my new-found calm inside with me, leaving my writing behind.  Indeed dear friends … I do think it is, for I know that as I clean and tidy up I will take this good feeling of warmth that nature and the sun has given me and I will use it to spread love on everything I touch today. Yes, I feel filled up to the brim.”

And that’s how it was dear friends. Taking some time for myself helped me enormously. Now that I have finished my task, I feel powerful somehow. My house is in order … not perfect mind you, but orderly enough to feel good. Time now to do the things that come easily to me: writing, having afternoon tea in my computer room and doing other computer work that needs attending to.

Oh and by the way, I have found out a little about Sacred (or Holy) Basil to satisfy everyone’s curiosity. All can now be revealed! It appears that there is a good reason why the basil is called ‘sacred’ or ‘holy’. Here’s why:

“The tulsi or holy basil is an important symbol in the Hindu religious tradition and is worshiped in the morning and evening by Hindus at large. The holy basil is also a herbal remedy for a lot of common ailments such as:

  • Stress and nerve tonic
  • fever and common cold
  • sore throats
  • Insect bites
  • eye disorder (juice)
  • kidney stones
  • children’s ailments like chicken pox
  • mouth infections

P1020767It is an amazing herb folks! Perhaps I was influenced for good this morning meditating on the Holy Basil plant? Somehow, my day just got better and better afterwards. Besides, I had all those lovely memories from yesterday’s birthday celebration going round and round in my head and every now and then, I would smile to myself.

I could picture my granddaughter Violet wearing her bunny mask covered in sequins and having a wow of a time! What a joy she is to have around. She certainly was not in need of any sacred basil to help her along yesterday …

And if you want to find our more about the uses for sacred or holy basil – like I did – visit this link: hinduism.about.com/od/ayurveda/a/tulsibenefits