Hello all

Today I’ve had a bit of a sleep in after five very busy days. It was lovely to be able to take the time out to have a cuppa in bed and write in my favourite Poppy journal. Time to get back a little sanity into my life.  With silence lingering in the air, I was at peace as I reflected and wrote:

pinch punch“Thursday 1st August 2013

A Pinch and a Punch for the first of the Month.’ I wonder where that saying came from originally? Still, I love a new month arriving on my doorstop … like a gift. It’s a bit like a mini New Year’s Day laid out before me like a clean slate. I can write whatever I like on it!

But today it is time for me to take a deep breath and be quiet and calm for a while. And have you noticed I always end up writing in this Poppy Journal at such times? ‘Reflection’ would be a good word for it.

Another thing I must have, in order to be reflective, is a nice journal with good quality paper plus a fine pen to write with. Once all these ingredients are combined, I feel I can write fluently, capturing feelings deep within me … even be a little poetic perhaps? The Poppy Journal and my Sharpie pen fits the bill perfectly. Gratitude builds up within me.

Yesterday I came home, happy but exhausted, after 24 hours with both sets of grandchildren. Now I know why you need to be young and virile to take care of children! Still, nothing gives me more pleasure than being with my grandchildren and playing cards with them: ‘Fish’ with Violet (7) and ‘Uno’ later with Alice (11). It’s a whole heap of fun.

Just like Isaac's traffic jam

Just like Isaac’s traffic jam

By Wednesday morning, I was on the floor, eye to eye with Maddie (9 months) who was giggling and cooing with me. Meanwhile, brother Isaac (4) was so excited to see me , to show me his 54 small cars all set up in three rows in a traffic jam … on top of a low cupboard.

By the time I got home late-morning, I was ready to flop into a chair and stay there … but no such luck!  I was intent on completing my very last assignment for my Diploma by the end of  July as I’d promised myself I would. Therefore, I was a very ‘happy chappy’ when I printed out my assignment: the brochure I designed for my new editing business. It was not quite 8pm on the 31st July as the printer presented me with it. YES!!

Done and Dusted now. All the main work completed. Diploma of Publishing and Editing here you come! It feels so good! No wonder I want to sit and build monuments over it, for it is in times like this – when another achievement has been ticked off – that one needs to stop and enjoy the feeling deep within that it’s actually over.

Time to thank God for perseverance given, for once again I have been touched by grace to keep going when things got tough, as they so often did. It’s an anticlimax really. I vow to listen to my heart and do some things to nurture myself today. Okay heart … are you listening?”

So now folks, before I finish my writing today, I must share something with you. When I did Google “A Pinch and a Punch …” lo and behold, I found one of my own blog posts came up on the first page! I had this vague feeling I had written on this subject before but it was so nice to find myself on Google. I get a lot of people who find my blog this way.

In that blog, I write how ‘A Pinch and a Punch‘ would be said on the first day of a new month, accompanied by a pinch and a punch to the victim, but only in a playful manner. Read more of that post here: tessross.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/a-pinch-and-a-punch/.

And to make you laugh on the first of the month, enjoy this cartoon I found online too … it’s so funny!


Thanks for this drawing to: http://www.endsnmeans.com