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Hello all

Do you know that today is National Tree Day here in Australia? I know this because I read it in the Kids Section of the Sunday paper whilst minding my grandchildren and doing Kiddy things on a Sunday morning. Things one would never do if one was at home without any children.

And, as if you haven’t had enough ‘Specialty Days‘ in your year, it is also Cheesecake Day on July 30 … and wait for it … Jeans for Genes Day on August 2nd (Friday). So there! All in the Kids Section of the paper. What’s more, I intend to do something different this week and write a piece on each of these ‘Specialty Days’. Can I do it?

Why you might ask? … Just because.

Have I been spending too much time this weekend with children do you think? Perhaps I just want to do something different but I have to share with you that I had this brilliant idea whilst in the shower … a place where most of my ‘good ideas’ are gestated dear friends.

So, let the ‘Specialty Days’ begin! National Tree Day here we come …

The ‘Powers That Be’ have asked people in Australia to get out and about today and plant trees, commune with trees or simply enjoy being out amongst them. Give ‘screen time’ a miss, they are saying … and GET OUT THERE!

Have I heeded this message myself? No, Geoff and I promptly went down to the local shopping centre and had a coffee after lunch! However, we sat upstairs in the Myer Cafe with its large windows and could see an incredible amount of trees while we sipped coffee … does that count? Perhaps not.

Well, my husband Geoffrey is out in our yard now as I write, so I figure he is doing the job for both of us. He is not planting trees, but I am sure I heard him ‘talking’ to trees not long ago. Geoffrey loves trees, in fact, there was a time when we first moved here thirty-eight years ago, that he planted so many Leopard trees that I realised he had a problem and needed help.

Here is what one shire near Sydney is doing.

Here is what one shire near Sydney is doing.

And what about all the seeds that those Leopard trees produced every year? Yep, he couldn’t bear to throw them away so he would let them ALL come up and ‘yours truly’ would have to come along and pluck them all out from every garden plus the lawn. Oh, it was terrible! Geoff said he felt like he was murdering those trees.

But that was a long time ago. He appears to be cured now thank goodness. Still, we must have about thirty Leopard trees in our yard thanks to Geoff’s fetish. But, what about the native gum tree he planted about thirty years ago? Do you want THAT story?

Okay … if you insist.

Geoff bought home a sapling gum from some garden place and proceeded to plant it in front of our Rumpus Room doors. Now, let me say here that I am no gardener. Geoff is THE official gardener of this family, but I do know some things, like WHERE TO plant a gum tree that is going to grow very quickly and end up being a giant of a tree with branches coming in the house!

I tried to tell him …

A year later, the tree was so large that it became a problem. Besides, it was leaning the opposite way to the house and it looked ridiculous. Needless to say, the gum tree was chopped down pretty soon afterwards. We still laugh about that gum tree to this day.

So YES folks, we do love trees and we have a large yard which is full of gardens and trees, thanks to Geoff’s dedication. You could say we work hand in hand with regards to the garden: Geoff does all the work and I admire everything he does! And don’t get me started on pruning or else I will never get this post completed.

Now, back to National Tree Day. It appears that 1.5 million trees will be planted across Australia today. Sponsored by Planet Ark, organiser Sara McGregor had a lot to say and it made good sense too:

“The wellbeing of people particularly in metropolitan areas can improve if they “get out in nature” and plant trees, Sara McGregor from organisers Planet Ark said. “Especially in these days of a lot of screen time, people working longer hours, people are now living in flats and apartments,” she told AAP on Sunday.

“It really is maintaining that link with nature.” Increased academic performance, reduced levels of depression and quicker recoveries for hospital patients have all been linked to exposure to nature, Ms McGregor said. During the 17 years National Tree Day has been celebrated, about 20 million trees have been planted.” news.ninemsn.com.au/1.5-million-trees-in-on-national-tree-day

Amazing statistics really. So, do not be put off if you have done nothing to celebrate National Tree Day today, do it on another day … next weekend even. But don’t say, dear friends, that I never told you. National Tree Day here we come …

Love this one ...

Love this one …