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Yes … yes …  I know that Men are from Mars but first let’s talk about some other things and then we’ll get to the Mars scenario later. First, let’s talk about dressing for the cold and it will lead to the connection with men.

Do you know that feeling  you have sometimes when you hope you don’t run into anyone you know because of how you are dressed? Well I had it on Tuesday when I caught the bus to my daughter’s place.  You see, whilst waiting for her on a cold aluminum seat on a freezing afternoon at the bus station, I became aware of how weird I might look.

I’m sure if people saw me they would shake their heads and wonder. This is what they would have seen:

An older woman wearing jeans and a bright pink polo necked top plus a thick  black/white hounds tooth jacket on top complete with a floral scarf around her neck. She is wearing a maroon beret on her head. On her feet are warm lace-up walking shoes and warm socks. And the piece d’resistance, is the multicolored (but beautiful) pashmina she bought on a mountain-top village in Spain, which is covering her legs like a blanket.

bag lady

I felt like this!

It wasn’t my best-look dear friends but it was very cold! In fact, I had to ask myself if I was really living in the sub-tropics or in Europe in the middle of winter? What’s more, I had a reusable carry bag I bought from the supermarket which has coloured birds all over it, but it still made me feel a little like a ‘Bag Lady’ (a homeless person) . I made a mental note to buy a decent overnight bag … and soon!

I was a sorry sight for sure but warmth came before beauty for me that evening. But that wasn’t the end of the matter either for when I came home from my daughter’s the next morning, it was still cold! I promptly made a pot of tea and sat out in the sun. A few hours later, I was still struggling so it was the perfect opportunity to take my lunch of cauliflower soup and sit in the sun AGAIN!

And it was also the perfect opportunity to take my Poppy Journal with me and write about my love of warm climes while I had lunch. Here is what I wrote:

Wednesday 24th July 2013

I came home this morning after a night minding our girls at Maria’s house and I’m feeling really lazy … or am I simply feeling cold perhaps?

I have achieved a few things however and I console myself that I’ve made soup with cauliflower and potato for lunch; organised Beef Chow Mien out of a Women’s Weekly Cookbook for tea; caught up on the  Souvenir Edition of the paper concerning Kate, Will and Baby George Cambridge … and I’ve even done some washing and hung it on the line …

Note that most of these things involve sunshine … or warmth eg cooking soup on the hot stove. You might be coming to the realisation that I am a cold-blooded creature and warmth factors heavily in everything I do during the dead of winter. I even did some computer work this morning in the house. Mind you, it did involve an oil heater turned up high.

13259-1_nYep folks, warmth is HUGE in my life … but NOT in my husband’s life however. I’m not sure how we’ve managed to stay married for 41 years as he is always hot and seeking to open doors and windows when he’s home. Perhaps I’ll book him in for a trip to Antarctica for his next birthday? See if THAT cures him!

I’ve learned to negotiate for a moderate opening of windows, doors and thickness of bed covers with him in order to remain sane. Even now as I write, a cloud has come along and obstructed the sun. Oh no!

You see, my naturopath Anjeleen assures me I NEED warmth and I should be eating hot soup for lunch and warm water to drink. I also need to keep myself rugged up with scarves, double layers and a beret for my ears. Geoff laughs at me but now that Anjeleen has confirmed what I’ve always thought was right for me, he has no hope of stopping me!

Isn’t it wonderful when a person with some authority, validates you in this way? After years of frustration and thinking there was something wrong with me, I’m now flying high! “

Friends, I was really beginning to wonder if ‘Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars?’  Oh, if only it was that simple! So … I decided to do a little research and find out more about this hot/cold phenomena  between men and woman.

I came across a headline that said: “It’s not your imagination. Science has proven that females bodies are more sensitive to the cold.” At last, some evidence that explains my dilemma! When I read this next piece, I related immediately:

“Ever woken up in the morning to find your other half has thrown the blankets off, as he is too hot, while you’re still swaddled in them because you are cold? Or have you gone out for a walk rugged up in a coat, while he makes do with a thin jumper? Well, you’re complaining for a reason – it is scientifically proven that women suffer more in the cold than men.”  www.bodyandsoul.com.au/why+women+feel+the+cold+more+than+men

Another area that men differ from women!

Another area that proves men are really from Mars!

Various researchers have proven that this is so; one in particular is Australian Associate Professor Nigel Taylor, at the University of Wollongong’s School of Health Sciences. Nigel is an expert on human temperature regulation and has studied the differences between men and women’s reactions to the cold, so it’s all rather official folks.

Does this make me feel any better about my husband being hot while I am cold?  Well, it does actually. It proves that women and men are very different and we need to understand these differences and be a little more tolerant with each other. Perhaps I’ll cancel that ticket to Antarctica for my husband’s birthday after all?

But, let’s face it … we all know that Men REALLY are from Mars in so many other ways … aren’t they?

Yes, we know what happens when men have the flu!

Yes, and we know what happens when men have the flu! It’s not man flu it’s MARS flu …