Hello all

I couldn’t resist writing a quick post today. I awoke early this morning to the breaking news about the pitter patter of ‘Little Feet’: the royal baby that had come into the world around 4pm on 22nd July on the other side of the world.

A baby boy 8 lb. 6 ozs for the royals: Kate and William

Royal-Baby-Boy-7-22Oh, how life has changed! Baby Cambridge was announced via a Tweet … followed by the formal notice on the gold stand outside Buckingham Palace … backed up by a Town Crier yelling forth about a baby boy being born.  What a proclamation for the birth of  a child!

Still, most of us are romantics at heart and are delighted at the news that a young couple will have the enjoyment of a new child. I wish them well.

While ‘Little Feet‘ was announced overnight, I awoke to some news of my own … thanks to ‘Happy Feet.’ What is this all about you might ask? I came across these Happy Feet in the Pharmacy yesterday when I was buying some things and I promptly bought a pair to put on my feet overnight.

Happy Feet are plasters that you put on the soles of your feet while you sleep. They work as a poultice and draw toxins out of the body overnight. During the day, heavy toxins move down into your feet so while you are asleep, these plasters, which contain potent natural ingredients, remove the toxins.

detox foot patchThis morning I took off my plasters and there indeed was proof that they had worked … the plasters contained a black gooey substance.! The body expels the toxins as a black tar which is then disposed of  in the bin. I can do this once a week until no further black substances presents itself.

As the pamphlet says:  Happy Feet foot patches … put a smile on your feet!

It seems I am not the only one smiling this morning. Whilst Will and Kate are smiling because of their “Little Feet” I am smiling because of my Happy Feet. They sure feel good!

Have a great day …