The picture from my Facebook feed. Thanks Stephen Covey, author, you always has such good advice …


Hello all

Friends, I think I have passed the test! You know, the test that came to me from losing my two bras this week? Oh, what an interesting 24 hours it has been … and I have had two epiphanies into the bargain as well. And I must apologise to any gentlemen reading this post too. Please bear with me as this is highly important for women.

Yesterday after writing a blog about my bras ‘The-Saga-of-the-Berlei-Beauties’ I had an epiphany about where I had left them before they disappeared. It happened suddenly … and in that moment I knew I had placed the two bras over the chairs in my outdoor area and forgotten to bring them in when it got dark.

And then of course the bras simply vanished. I knew at that moment that someone had taken them. Who? I have no idea. Why? I cannot even begin to imagine (a pervert perhaps?). But this sudden ‘knowing’ gave me acceptance that my expensive bras would not be coming back.

And then as I was heading for bed, I realised that I had to go further than simply be accepting: I had to be grateful. Why? Because I am so often blessed with good bargains or other people’s generosity to me that I couldn’t let circumstances rule my life. I also realised that I was not thinking ‘abundance’; I was thinking ‘fear’ at having wasted money. And what about the expense to come as I only have two ill-fitting bras left to wear?

gratitudeDear friends, I am too spoilt now by my Berlei Beauties to go back to mediocrity! So I went to bed with a joyful heart. It sure felt good to be feeling brighter.

And as so often happens: ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears,’ a picture on my Facebook feed popped up this morning and spoke to me about abundance (as above). Only my test wasn’t about being happy at others success, it was about knowing there is ‘enough’ of everything to go around.

It goes like this: someone else’s success will not diminish MY success; there is enough to go around. Losing something that I value will not stop me from receiving something else that I value; there is enough goods to go around.

I found out that ‘The Abundance Mentality’ says there is enough of EVERYTHING to go around and it is characterised by love … and faith in God (a Higher Power).

‘The Scarcity Mentality’ is characterised by fear, anxiety and worry that someone might take from you what you already have ; as indeed had happened to Moi. (For more on this subject: feelhappiness.com/abundance-mentality)

Armed with this information, I began my day today in a positive frame of mind. I began to believe that somehow, everything would turn out okay and I would simply have to buy some more bras … but it wasn’t going to make me poor!

By mid-afternoon I had my second epiphany. I suddenly thought I should Google ‘Berlei bras’ and see what happened. And then I began to get excited because I realised that if I could change anything about my two dream bras, what would I change?

Well, I would buy a flesh coloured bra and a black bra. And, just to be totally greedy, I added that I would like the bras to be one size larger in the cup size.

T_brasI was unable to buy the larger cup size at the time so here was an opportunity to get something even better out of my misfortune.

Ta Da … I have now ordered online from Berlei: a two-pack bra set in flesh and black  for the amazing price of $49.50 with free delivery. Seeing I had bought my two lost bras for a lot more than that, I was very pleased indeed.

My two beautiful new bras – in exactly the right size, with the exact colours that I wanted and was unable  to buy at the time, are winging their way to me as I write.

Yes, life is so unfair sometimes … but often there is a reason behind these unfair things. When you are committed to growing and changing (as per my resolution for the New Year) you look at anything that goes wrong as a means of growing from it. It has indeed been a very rewarding experience in the end.

Methinks dear friends, that I have passed the test … well, this particular test anyway. However, I’m sure I can count on plenty more opportunities lurking around to test me in the future!

In the meantime, things have turned out very well indeed. Amazing how things can change for the better from one day to the next …