Hello all

Excuse me dear friends, but I am about to talk about a personal subject dear to my heart, so lean in close and I will whisper to you about what is going on in my life to make me talk about this subject.

Lean in close ...

Lean in close …

You see, things have been going very well for me in this one personal area of my life these last three months. It is an area that one doesn’t easily talk about, but let’s be honest here, it is one every woman relates to. This area of your life, affects how your clothes look, how comfortable you feel when you are out … especially if you are someone who runs or does a lot of physical activity. Even mentally, it can have a positive or negative affect on your life. Believe me, I know these things.

Have you guessed what this area of life is yet folks? It is one that you get introduced to at a reasonably young age … anywhere from 12 – 13 years of age – depending on the individual – but it is one that is highly important to each person. You have heard of the Brassiere? The Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder (as sung by Bette Midler) or known more simply as The BRA!’

I did not know that buying the right size bra would lead to such a feeling of security! For years I have had trouble buying the right bra for my shape … despite being properly fitted for one. However, all this changed three months ago when a woman at the department store told me in no uncertain terms that  I had been wearing the wrong size bra.

And I was eternally grateful dear friends!

What made it even better was that they were on sale and I received 40% off these rather costly ‘Berlei Beauties’ that made me look gorgeous in the bust department … so I promptly bought two of them.

My Berlei Beauty bra

My Berlei Beauty bra

I loved putting them on every day. In fact, I couldn’t believe how comfortable these Berlei Beauties were. They made me stand up straight instead of stooping. They made my clothes look better. Every day I luxuriated about my bras; not being able to believe my good fortune about finally getting a bra that fit me perfectly.

And then it all changed …

No, the bras did not go out of shape … and no, I did not put on so much weight that they no longer fit. The bras remained wonderful and my ego got bigger and bigger every day as I simply LOVED these two bras. Oh, as usual I should have known that this was not a good sign … that testing would come!

Why oh why, when everything is going well, does it all have to change? You see folks, the bras have disappeared.

Yes, I did say DISAPPEARED!!

It’s like this: I washed them both on Monday – I usually only wash one at a time but the rain prevented me on this occasion – and then I took them off the line in the early afternoon as it started raining again. I put all the underclothes under cover to finish drying and I ‘thought’ I took my Berlei Beauties inside as they seemed dry. By Tuesday I could not find them but I didn’t panic as it was early days as yet.

It is now Wednesday. The Berlei Beauties are nowhere to be seen. There is no place I have not looked in order to find them. I’ve searched … I’ve prayed … I’ve begged God … still they have not appeared. Now I ask you, how can two bras simply vanish off the face of the earth?

I know that I do some stupid things at times but it usually involves tea … like putting my mug of tea in the cupboard by mistake when I am getting something out, or resting it somewhere as I walk around drinking the tea and then not being able to find it. However, I have never lost a bra before .

Losing ONE bra is forgivable … but losing TWO bras is down-right disgraceful!

I think I'll have some cameras installed in the back yard.

I think I’ll have some cameras installed in the back yard.

I am getting paranoid and am even suspicious of the neighbours now. On one side of us are neighbours that do highly suspicious things and I once found one of the occupants of the house in our yard looking around. He got quite a shock when I appeared and said “can I help you with something?” He thought I was out.

Another time, something happened which led us to believe they had found our spare key and entered our house while we were away. We thought the key was well hidden but obviously not. Now, the woman next door is about my size … can you see where I am going with this? Perhaps I left the bras outside … ?

Oh please dear friends, I am writing this post to dispose of the frustration I feel over the loss of my bras. I ask you to take pity on me as I search high and low (and lose patience with myself) in my efforts to find my Berlei Beauties which have disappeared off the face of the earth.

Life is so unfair sometimes …