Someone should tell these people they mean flower bulbs ha ha.

Hello all

I’ve come to enjoy my Mondays at home putting my house in order after being busy. At least the sun is shining today not like last Friday when the rain poured down and the temperature plunged to 12 degrees Celsius, cold for Brisbane.

In fact, I wrote about the day in my Gratitude Journal … well, it started as a Gratitude Journal and ended up as something else, but I’m not sure what you would call it yet! You see,  I got bored writing out lists of gratitude every day. The writer in me was never satisfied by listing things and so, after a few months, I stopped writing altogether.

My Pretty Poppy Journal: note the flap on the right hand side which secures it shut.

My Pretty Poppy Journal: note the flap on the right hand side which secures it shut.

But dear friends, it is such a beautiful Journal – given me by a friend for my birthday last year – that I felt it had to have a special purpose but what? You see this Journal is designed by an American Paula Scaletta for Tri-Coastal Design and is called Pretty Poppy Journal.‘  (see more lovely things here: www.tricoastaldesign.com)

I simply LOVE beautiful notebooks or journals! My friends know this and often give them to me … such thoughtfulness … which I always appreciate. I can never get enough notebooks which has to say a lot about me folks.

Anyway, I decided that such a lovely journal needed to have special things written in it and so I finally decided I would write little vignettes whenever the day took my fancy and when it had something special to tell me; ordinary life does have lessons to teach us. We simply do not realise it until we search for them.

I was inspired in this by another beautiful journal (given to me by the same friend over ten years ago) in which I had written in a similar way about everyday life with emphasis  on the seasons and nature. I wrote in this journal intermittently for almost ten years and I still love to go back and read what was happening in my life during those years. It is like a treasure trove of inspiration.

And so it came to pass that in June this year I began writing in my beautiful Pretty Poppy book. In fact, I have shared a couple of those early entries with you at other times, but today I felt that YOU,  my loyal readers, needed to know the story of my Poppy Journal.  So without further ado, I will share the entry I made on Friday in the depth of winter gloom. I hope you enjoy the lesson that the day brought to me.

‘Pretty Poppy’ Journal:  Friday 21st June 2013

“It’s Friday yet again and despite the fact that there has been a good amount of sunshine since I last wrote in this Journal (10/6/13) it is pouring rain as I write … AGAIN!

The winter cold came in about a week ago and we found ourselves digging out extra blankets and setting up a couple of heaters to keep us warm. This cold snap won’t last long. It never does in this semi-tropical part of Australia. It simply comes when we least expect it, intimidating us into submission.

blanketsThis will continue – on and off – until the end of winter. And when spring comes in September, it disappears very quickly, as if you have imagined the whole thing! In fact, today is the ‘Winter Solstice” … right smack in the middle of winter; it can only get better from here, especially as the daylight lengthens.

All of this reminds me of the Christian journey which a lot of us pursue. We want our lives to run smoothly. We don’t want any harsh cold snaps that send us scurrying for blankets to keep us warm. If we had our way, we’d want the mild warmth of summer all year round, but this is not the way things work.

Harsh conditions – trials – come along to help us grow. In fact, we often pray for change … in ourselves and our situations … but when God allows the cold winds of change or other situations to come our way, we whine and moan as if it isn’t fair. Yet, if we believe, we can see God’s hand in it all along, giving us the right conditions in order to answer our prayer and help us grow.

We would never appreciate spring and summer if we didn’t have the harsh conditions of winter. So we bunker down, go searching for heaters and blankets (support of friends) to get us through the cold snap as we wait for the season to change.

As long as we remember: spring will come again; the rain will cease and we will bask in the sunshine once again; we just have to be patient and wait it out.