Hello all

It’s been a day of housework today … such an unexciting but necessary occupation at times, (especially after going to High Tea yesterday at a swanky hotel with girlfriends). Unfortunately, I cannot live with dirt forever and so, after a belated start due to mulling over an atlas dreaming of travelling to the Greek Islands, I got stuck into the mess. Where was my husband during this time? At work of course.

Which leads me to say it is so nice to have time to myself now and then. We are retired, but Geoff simply cannot help himself and does casual work whenever it comes along and/or whenever he feels like it. On this occasion, he has been working three days a week for a couple of months now.

There are many advantages to this: 1) he earns extra money so I can spend it (or is it to supplement our retirement income??) and 2) it gives me space to do whatever I like, when I like and how I like (read here: please myself).  Geoff is a workaholic and he can be like one of those steam rollers that comes at you at 60 kilometers an hour … and just keeps going.

Me? I’m the type of person who is far more dreamy and poetic,  thinking far too much about everything else but that which  needs to be done. Nike wouldn’t do any good having me for their role model with their JUST DO IT slogan. I would like the tick that goes with it though, because I do have a penchant for  making lists and ticking the item off when it is completed.

My new book

My new book

This is the very thing that keeps me on track when I am tempted to spend my time writing (or reading in the sun). There is something so empowering about ticking off an item on my list. In fact, this reminds me that I came across the best notebook recently at one of those ‘cheap shops’ (where nearly everything is $2 … well almost everything).

The book says on the front: ‘MY TO DO LIST’ and to make it even more wonderful, it has a sketch of the Eiffel Tower on the front of it (so I can dream of travelling). So, I have had enormous pleasure every day since 11th May writing out lists, and there beside the item is a little box … especially for putting that great big tick into it. Oh, how I love those ticks!

It has to be the best thing I have bought myself in a long long time. Now, getting back to these lists, I am having a ball and I can feel myself getting excited every morning when I sit down with a cup of tea to write-up my list for the day. Yes, I know …  I know … I really must get a life, but I am easily excited you see.

Do you know that feeling you have when you are almost overwhelmed at the number of things you are wanting to achieve? You end up feeling so discouraged that you do nothing? At the moment I have many things on my plate, to name a few: I am studying, writing on my blog, creating an online photo album plus all the other bits ‘n bobs that one does to keep the home fires burning. 

So dear friends, I think that Nike could be proud of me right now even if I don’t ‘JUST DO IT‘ as quickly as I should. ‘I DO IT … EVENTUALLY’ after sitting down with a lovely pot of tea and a cream biscuit (like I am doing right now as I write on this blog).

Also, my lists do get a little altered at times. Take today for instance. My list said ‘housework and dust’ but I had a great desire to make fresh bread in my bread machine so in the middle of the work I took a break and put the bread in the machine to be ready to eat with my soup for lunch.

And the smell of bread baking … there is nothing quite like it – except for eating it warm with lashings of butter that is. I also have banana muffins half-made as we speak … well, the dry ingredients are ready at least. It’s just that I have some over-ripe bananas and one cannot throw out good cooking bananas, can one?

Now, do you see what I mean about me? … and Nike? Not a perfect match. However, I have put some nice big ticks against a few items today, including vacuuming, washing and now the writing of this blog.

Therefore, I am feeling rather pleased with myself as I sip on the last dregs of my tea. I wrap my jacket around myself as I feel the cold damp air of an autumn evening coming in. I ponder on where the day has gone … and then I look at those big fat ticks and I feel very pleased with myself indeed …

lists for today

My list for today. See those wonderful ticks?